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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

River Rapids' cuffs down

Run for the heels!

Sockbug left me a cool comment about my yo before purl whine (pearls before swine)...

"I love the colors of these! Instead of doing that YO before a purl, you can M1 in the next row where the YO should be. Not for the faint of heart, though. Really, it's not as obvious when the whole sock is done."

I'm actually not sweating the yo's much now; I think I just wasn't careful enough with the tension when I first started and now they don't look so brobdingnagian to me... the size of the yo's also get lost as the sock gets longer :) But its a good tip, esp. as I've been seeing more comments and questions about this pattern pop up on Knitters Review and Knitty.

Undulating, mm.

Henry's Attic Kona, Interlacements' Little Toes and Toasty Toes, Fleece Artist Merino

Just a pic to show some "difference" between these yarns...

First pic, l to r ...
Fleece Artist Merino, 370yd/4 oz
Cherry Tree Hill Super Glitz, 325yd/4 oz
Henry's Attic Kona Superwash, 280 yd/4 oz
Interlacements Toasty Toes, 250yd/4 oz

Second pic, l to r ...
Interlacements Little Toes, 380yd/4 oz
Cherry Tree Hill Super Glitz, 325yd/4 oz
Henry's Attic Kona Superwash, 280 yd/4 oz
Interlacements Toasty Toes, 250yd/4 oz

Group shot, clockwise from 12-noon:
Henry's Attic Kona Superwash, kool aid dyed
Interlacements Toasty Toes, Southwest colorway
Fleece Artist Merino, Hercules colorway
Cherry Tree Hill Super Glitz, "potluck" colorway
Interlacements Little Toes, Poppy Fields colorway

Note: Interlacements discontinued the "little toes" yarn... side by side the base yarn looks quite like the Fleece Artist Merino. Second note... Allison from Simply Sock Yarn Company noted on her blog that Fleece Artist changed its base yarn supplier (after my yarn was purchased), so newer hanks of Fleece Artist may look different than mine.

Hope this helps :)

Yahoo groups, "stitch and bitch"

So, knitters have needles up in arms about the whole sew fast sew easy vs debbie stoller "stitch and bitch" phraseology... Yahoo Groups shut down groups with "snb" and "stitch and bitch" in their titles-- but it using the phrase itself on its homepage to direct traffic to craft and knitting groups on yahoo (thats the link the stitch and bitch link leads you to).


Sunday, January 29, 2006

River Rapids socks in progress

River Rapids socks in progress...

2 shots, front and back... the varigation varies :)

I'm having a time with to yo's before the purl stitches in the pattern; they're way too big in comparison. Bummed a little, will try and keep the yo's on the tapered end of the needle (using less yarn?) Don't know.

Felting, part two... mini mitred square bag

I almost feel cheated that I didn't know how fun felting would be til now. I mean, I read about it all the time but I'm one of those, you spent all that time knitting and you go and ruin it?-types, but not anymore :) I still can't believe that this floppy, sorta sloppy knit thing has turned into a tough, thick fabric without much doing.

Started: January 26, 2006
Finished: January 29, 2006 (incl. felting & drying time) - Malabrigo yarn bulky 6 ply merino, US 10.5-11 (Addi 7.0mm) Paris Night and Rojo Intenso
No pattern (seat of my pants, more knitting info here)
2 trips thru 2 entire hot cycles in the washer (15 min apiece?) in a halfed-over pillowcase closed with binder clips and 3 towels that didn't mind the ride

The bag has shrunk from 6.25" w to 5" wide total (incl. a little smooshing, same as pre-felting measurements), the mitred square started life as 5"x5" and is now 4"x4", and the depth remained the same (1.5"). So that's a pretty even 20% felting - shrinkage rate, not incl. the depth of the bag itself (as I stretched it out). To wit, the garter strip that attaches the mitred square to the back flap of the bag was 1.25" to start and is now 1", so again the shrinkage was 20% when not pulled/molded into a different size.

I managed to mold it into this square shape I really wanted it to have (square bottom, square solid sides) by inserting a very very tight fitting piece of crafting foam inside and letting it dry around it. The foam was actually a little wider than the side panels, so a bit of the black back & front panels have a 90 degree turn in them, not the red. (Seen in the peekaboo pic below). I think it would stand on its own, if it weren't front-heavy with the flap. I am personally thrilled to see that I can mangle the felted item into any shape I want.

I do think that the construction also helped me achieve my "squarish" goal; check out the last pic of the tiny swatch I tried and felted along with this one. I knit that one by knitting the sides and bottom panel as one, and adding the front and back panels separately. I didn't block that one using crafters foam (I didn't really give too much thought to it since I don't like the way the red sides and bottom look, kinda distracting), but you can see that it has more of a tendency to go "round" on the bottom, U-shaped. Probably could be altered with foam too, but the lines of the second mitred square bag were easier to locate and mold. At least imo...

And of course I could probably have achieved the squarishness by knitting pieces separately and seaming them together, but what fun would that be (none for me!)

I can also see a bit of the garter and sl1, k1 patterning, but only as bumps and ridges, not stitch definition. I've never seen a felted bag irl, so I don't know if this is common. I actually like it-- the sl 1, k1 made a sort of column-ish ridging effect happen on the front and the back flaps of the bag, and the garter's ridge on the bit that connects the mitred square to the back flap looks natural as it "works" in that direction. So I won't switch up any of the stitches on the final bag (though, just for "feel" the garter feels thicker, not sure how true it is since its just my fingers poking around but there you go.)

I can't decide (haven't) if I am going to knit the straps all the way up from the side panels without stopping, or if I will create a little loop/long bit and attach them with a ring or something. I'm not looking to make it adjustable or anything so I don't know why I'd add a ring attachment but for looks, but I'm going to keep my eye open for something in that neighborhood before I make a decision.

I think the final bag's going to be 3x this size, aiming for a 12x12 flap. The bag I'm modeling the size after is that width but isn't as deep; the mitred square keeps my options closed in making it less so. I cast on 33 sts (k 15, k3tog, k 15/k back -- k 14, k3tog, k14/k back etc.) so it'll probably be 93 sts (k 45, k 3tog, k45) and I'll work the pieces from there. It is kinda deep (12"), but I want to be able to carry magazines/legal pad sized paper in it so... not much option there. Maybe I'll consider a less wide bag. I'll also change the mitred square pattern, don't know what to yet tho. I also haven't decided if I will use a closure on the flap.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Kool aid Kona Superwash, blue greens

Just new pics of dry yarn from earlier post. I dig the light colors; vicariously Spring on the needles.

Casting on for River Rapids socks now :)

What to do when you have nothing on the needles... (kool aid yarn ahead)

I had a weird experience just now. I finished up that little pre-felting project, and I had nothing on the needles. No socks, no wips, etc. Well, I do have *one* wip that won't be touched for months-- I've been knitting Shimmer from Knitty in Cascade's Pima Tencel (#1353, cornflower) for forever and a day-- I gave up once the weather went cold. Its totally a warm weather shrug in this yarn and I can't bear to finish something I won't use right away.

Anyhow, so we do as those who have nothing to do.

We dye yarn.

Henry's Attic Kona Superwash, again-- 4 oz skein
Dip-dyed method
(2) ice blue raspberry, (2) berry blue, (6) arctic apple -- separated in about 20" sections (the HA hanks were 60" long!)

Of course, I didn't have 3 pots to use (well, I did but I hate having to wash a bunch of pots and pans at 2am.) And I only had 2 big mason jars. But as everything in my life is duct-taped, jury-rigged, rubber-banded or otherwise made to work when the instructions are printed in japanese, I improvised.

After giving the yarn a soak in warm water and vinegar, I set my dutch oven boiling with about 4" of water and set the mason jars inside with about 4c of water apiece. I added the blue colors and some vinegar, let it come to about 130F or so, turned the burner off and dipped the first 20" into the berry blue. It didn't take up the dye as insanely as the orange did, but it was pretty quick to get to a watery blue. I then moved another section into the ice blue, keeping a bit of the berry blue soaking (not worried about variegation in solids), and let that exhaust while dipping back and forth between mason jars.

All the while, I was holding the final 20" section undyed, above the rest.

Once both blues had been exhausted... about 5 minutes? I moved one mason jar to the sink, added the packets of arctic apple and vinegar to the water that was resting hot in the dutch oven, and dyed the last 20" green.

I have a few white patches in the green section where it meets the blues; I should have done the green one first and could have compensated with the blue-- the green is very light and I knew I'd need more/it would exhaust more quickly than the other 2. But all in all, fun and fun.

I think this yarn wants to be a pair of River Rapids Socks from Sock Bug. (pdf!) It'll help me get some more cabling under my belt for the Knitting Olympics, and hopefully I'll learn cabling without a cable needle too.

[edit... oops! pattern isn't cabled at all!]

Friday, January 27, 2006

First felting foray, part one

Ever since I decided I was going to amtrak it down to stitches west, I've been thinking about what to take with me (and of course, what I want to take home!)

I've been dreaming of hauling home an armload of sock yarn (socks that rock, lisa souza, mountain colors bearfoot, etx...) and thought that knitting and felting a bag may be a neat project for bringing stuff back in.

I dig the mitred squares/domino knitting look and wanted a bag that was similar to the satchel I usually carry-- with a flap closure the same size as the front panel of the bag. I didn't quite find a pattern handy that fit what I was looking for, so I tooled around and figured out what it'd take to make this bag.

Not much :)

Knit in's (hpy, malabrigo yarn) 6-ply bulky merino on US 10.5-11's (Addi circ, 7mm.)

So, here are some pics pre-felting (I'll get it into the wash tomorrow to see how my first felting plan works). I knit a small, "sampler" sized bag to try and see how the different stitches would work out once felted-- I knit the mitred sqaure in garter, the front and back panel in sl1, k1 -- purl back, and the sides/bottom in garter.

I hate putting pieces of knitting together, I have no style. So I knit as much as humanly possible in one piece, picking up stitches when needed. I knit the mitred square first and BO, then picked up stitches along the side and knit the front, bottom panel, and back all in one piece (sl1, k1 -- back; garter -- bottom; sl1, k1 -- front panel), all while slipping the 1st stitch to make a selvedge to make seaming easier later. Then I picked up stitches along the bottom's panel and worked garter up the side for the side panels (still slipping the 1st st).

Finally seamed the side panels to the front/back panels, and done. Wove in ends (I'm bad at that, too-- no wonder I love socks...), and this is it.

I'm planning on continuing the side panels on upwards for my final bag (depending on how the felting process works out, I guess) for a shoulder/across the body strap. I learned how to knit backwards to try and draw off the tedium of turning after knitting only 4-6 sts (also to try and omit the mess a 24" addi makes wrapping itself around and around in the process). :)

Flat and assembled the bag is 6.5" h, 6.25" w, 1.5" d, with the side panels smooshing outwards.

I'll probably switch up the mitred square patterning-- I'm going to use a variegated blue/yellow instead of the red. I also want to see how seaming the side/front panels from the inside works. Also, I'm not tied to using any stitch pattern (garter or the slip stitch one), I tried the different types to see how they'd felt up and that may change in the final one, too.

I started this idea swatching and tried first to knit the side panels and the bottom panel as one piece (see last pic that looks like a deflated penguin), but didn't like the look. I also knit the back panel and the flap in one piece, so you can see where the mitred sqare "turned" (I was curious to see what'd happen if I did that, killed the cat as it were.)

Anyhow, wish me luck with the washer :)

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Knitting Olympics...

Yes, I'm going to be one of those! Something about kal's gets my cola flowing.


I didn't think there was any rhyme or reason for me to join, as I pretty much had declared oh-six a sock-only year (unofficially! but that's what's held my attention for more than anything, knitting wise lately...) and I knew I could get a pair of socks done in 16 days np.

But I came across a pattern I had, in Debbie Bliss' Baby Knits Book, from when I first started knitting that is *so* up this challenge's alleyway...

I started knitting once I found out I was pregnant (diligently taught myself via Stitch and Bitch) and kinda put it away once I got down knit and purl. I have one knitted "bookmark" from that time. :)

Once babe was born and sleeping for some decent amount of time, I picked it up again to knit baby stuff-- my first attempt was an itchy garter stitch sweater that I couldn't bear to make babe wear but I couldn't stop knitting, as it took so long to get where I was going! Second was a nicer cardigan (Daisy from Knitty) in doubled-fingering weight handdyed yarn (not superwash, of course!) that was about 2 years too big once done.

Incidentally babe's old enough to fit into it now, and when on it is promptly removed (partly my fault, still haven't attached the buttons to the collar) and thrown to the ground. My favorite is when this flourish is accompanied by "ca-ca!" as its being done.

Yeah, ca-ca.

So aside from scores of baby socks (which have gained more and more appreciation as babe has gotten older and become interested in watching their construction) and oddly shaped and strangely stuffed toys that are promptly lost under everything (like every toy, so I don't feel too bad), babe has no real knitted gear from me... even though *he was the impetus for the fever in the first place.

I did (dutifully) pour over baby sweater patterns looking for the perfect sweater (that would fit), knowing I could probably not bear the expanse of st st (even in baby sizing)... never struck. But I had earmarked a pattern I knew I couldn't touch with my wobbly knits and three handed purls then-- but now! I think I could do it.

Maybe... :)

So here ends the sock-only reign to throw my feet into the olympic fire!

"Cable and Rib Sweater with Hood", from Debbie Bliss' Baby Knits Book

Knit in Knit Picks' Merino Style

Dusk colorway.

Here's hoping for no ca-ca comments from mah peanut's gallery.

Wyvern complete!

Wyvern done!

Started January 21, 2006
Finished January 25, 2006
Henry's Attic Kona Superwash, koolaid dyed (orange)
US 3's, dpns

This pattern was so fun and just flew. I'm sure it had to do with the gauge of the yarn as well; I got gauge on US 3's (pattern called for 2's), but the column gauge had to have been way off too-- I have a sz 9-9.5 foot and only got thru 3.5 repeats of the pattern before I started the heel, and did 7 repeats total (the author had 11 total repeats). I also only knit 4 rnds of p2, k2 at the cuff.

Bound off using US 6's, and they're super comfy.

This was only the 2nd pattern (Pomatomus was 1st) that I knit using a chart-- I had a fear of charts til now. I also pretty much taught myself short rows with this pattern, which is a huge reason why I love knitting socks... I just dive in and hope there's a tutorial online to help with any snags. In this case the 1st sock I knit has some funky holes on the purl side pickups for the shortrows; this month's Interweave Knits had a tutorial/refresher on short rows and I found their illustrations quite helpful (so no wonkiness on the 2nd sock as far as short rows are concerned).

This last picture is the huge quantity of yarn I had left over. :) I weighed out 4 oz on my kitchen scale, but its terribly unreliable (only for guesstimates) so perhaps there was less than 4 oz. Still, what a thrill to make it-- I think sock knitters get some sort of jolt in watching the sock yarn dwindle on the second sock (I know I did)...

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Wyvern started

Wyvern started...

Started Janaury 21, 2006
Kona Superwash, koolaid handdyed (naranja-- details here)
US 3's, dpns
M size

With 3 starts to the short row toe, I finally got it rolling and it seems to be going pretty quickly. Although, the purl short row side seems to show holes and I can't figure out why... Perhaps I'm being too picky since they're not super noticable, and maybe because I struggled a bit picking up the purl side wraps.

I also noticed the toe seems long on my foot, perhaps 2.25" long-- which isn't long-long, but looks it. At least it does with only these few patt repeats under my belt.

The sock reminds me of the koi and koi pond my grandfather built in his backyard, goldfish styling.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Finished kool aid dyed kona yarn

Orange Koolaid dyed, Henry's Attic Kona Superwash yarn... finished :)

4 oz yarn, 6-8 (?) c water, glug vinegar, 4 packets "orange". See previous post for steps.

Once dyed/washed, the dyed yarn swelled up quite a bit (check out the white/orange comparison). I would imagine that the HA Kona that I have on cones (unscoured) will also swell... looking at it undyed I figured I would use a US 0-1, but I'm now teaching myself a short row toe for Wyvern and am using US 3's to get gauge (6.5sts = 1" on US 3's, 7sts = 1" on US 2). I did want to use US 2's for a slightly thicker fabric than what I'm getting, so I may end up ripping and knitting the next larger size on the 2's (I'm knitting the M size, my ball of the foot circumference falls btw 8-9".)

Fascinating, I know.

Orange insanity.

So I'm dying some Kona Superwash with kool aid, aiming for a solid orange yarn to use with Wyvern or Embossed Leaves or some cable socks from Sock Bug...

Soaked 4 oz yarn in warm water & vinegar for 20 minutes. Started solution of 4 packets of orange koolaid to 6 c of warm water and vinegar. Cooked orange mix on stovetop in dutch oven, heated til almost boiling. Added presoaked yarn, was ready to wait 20 minutes for the yarn to take up the magical wonder of koolaid color.

Yarn hits deep-orange water, sucks up color *immediately*... in a really pretty variegation.

The yarn that is the deepest orange is that which struck the water first, the lighter is the yarn that hit it last. I'm talking *seconds* here.

Note: I didn't stir the water before adding yarn, but I don't think it made that much of a difference. I'm happy with the darkest color of the yarn so I didn't want to overdye it again, but had to share. This makes me want to dye more yarn :)

PS, its 3am pacstandard.

PS again. I found a good jury-rig for drying the soaked/dyed yarn. I don't have a good feeling about drying it in my shower (too many things in there already!) so am drying it over the sink. There is no quick and clean way to get a plastic hanger without a telescoping head to fit onto the overhanding cabinets, so I attached a vise-clip and am hanging the hanger thru that.

Drip drip drip.

Jaywalker the second, finished

Done and done, new Jaywalkers!

Started: January 14, 2006
Finished: Janaury 20, 2006
Interlacements' Toasty Toes, #207 (Turkish Carpet?)
2 socks on 2 Addis -- US 2's (3.0mm)

Same specs as last pair, except I used a 1x1 rib at the top (still baggy!).

Pics show needle still at the toe; I had misplaced my yarn needle and needed to take pics... suffice it to say the toes have been happily kitchenered closed and are walking around as we think.

Now, off to go dye some Henry's Attic Kona Superwash. :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Walking, yes indeed.

I'm possessed. I think. I can't stop knitting these, and I just want them off the needles. Not for any sinister purpose, or even because I dislike them (they're pretty rad, if I do say so myself!)... I think that it has to be that because I can finish them quickly, I really really want to. I even want to knit them more quickly than the last pair.

I think I'm done Jaywalking for a while though. It'll likely be Wyvern or one of the many awesome selections from Sock Bug, knit in some yet to be dyed koolaid yarn (naranja sólido, natch!) -- the Henry's Attic Kona Superwash that has been begging to be played with. Here's hoping the HA Kona looks good, may even dye some stripey goodness with an eye on Eunny's mini-tut.

PS, I think I'm going to have a good deal of this Interlacements' Toasty Toes left over from this knit, thinking about toddler jaywalkers... kiddo can't have zero pairs, rite?

Monday, January 16, 2006

Jaywalkin', again y again!

I have no idea why this pattern is so addicting. Or for that matter, why I am compelled to knit it again in Interlacements' Toasty Toes... I admit I was going to go for a pair of JW-ahs in some Cherry Tree Hill super glitz with a pi(xxx)ot edge, and maybe I will sometime in the future, but I just had to bang out this pair first.

Started: January 14, 2006
Interlacements Toasty Toes, 207 colorway (Turkish Carpet, I think)
2 socks on 2 Addis, US 2's (3.0mm)

Same specs as in the last pair, except I went with a 1x1 rib at the top (that still is baggy; I either need to cast on fewer sts and increase when the pattern commences, or commit to the picot.) Or just stop knitting jaywalkers! :)

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Chutes and Ladders toddler socks finished

Started: January 10, 2006
Finished: January 14, 2006
Wildfoote luxury sock yarn, Brown Sugar colorway
(Used less than 1-50gm skein)
US 1 dpns (2.25mm)

I repeated the chute/ladder pattern 4 times, messing up the 1st sock when transposing c4f for c4b-- what I get for not using my row counter, I suppose. Pretty unnoticeable as it is. I didn't work the pattern over the instep for worry that babe's shoes would press the pattern into the top of the foot (velcro at the tops of the shoes mean a tight fit that always seems to be pulled tighter!)... even though *i* generally only like socks whose pattern continues over the instep.

Followed pattern exactly for the 50 CO sts, decreased toe to 24 sts total then kitchenered closed. Toe was about 1" long from decreases (foot total length, 5" for a few-days-shy-of-2 toddler foot.)

I wanted to like the Wildfoote yarn a lot, as it has some nylon reinforcement (great for kids' socks) and has this great colorway, but I found quite a few sections that were overspun/spun too tightly compared to the rest of the yarn and I had to stop and unwind sections myself (otherwise the yarn was too thin). I have some more of another colorway in the stash and I'm hoping this skein was an anomaly.

They were a hit (as all of the babe's socks are)... modelling them babe petted the sock and said "niii-ce"! I could knit toddler socks forever, sometimes :)

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Cutest toes ever.
(I'm biased.)

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Chutes and Ladders continued...
Yay for variegated yarn since you can't see the mistake in the cabling (c4f instead of c4b, oh well!)

I just finished the length of the cuff and am starting the heel/foot-- did 4 repeats of the pattern. I prefer a long cuff for toddler socks... seems that babe's pants are always riding up and I like them to be covered as much as possible. I've even knit a pair of ribbed legwarmers in leftover malabrigo to keep those big calves warm :)

I seem to keep joining kal's! All sock ones, of course... can you tell I have a bit of a jones for socks?


Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Chutes and Ladders Toddler socks started

Not much to report yet...

Wildfoote yarn, "brown sugar" colorway
US 1's dpns (2.25mm)
CO 50sts for the toddler in my life :)

I know that variegated yarns obscure stitch patterns, but...
1) I love handpainted, variegated yarns
2) I love cables, ribs, challenging stitch patterns
3) I don't mind the obfuscation!

I do so love to knit these little socks :) I'm toying with the idea of buying some glove-length (4") dpns just for toddler socks; unlike adult sized socks, I always prefer knitting these on dpns and I've been a little ergh-ing about dragging these tiny socks across my 7"+ dpns... I predict I will continue to just complain though :)

Finished Jaywalker!

Started: Jan 3, 2006
Finished: Janaury 9, 2006
Interlacements Toasty Toes, unknown colorway
Addi US 2's (3mm), 2 socks on 2 circs

Alterations to pattern:
1) Gauge, 6.5 st = 1" zigzag patt; 7 st = 1" st st
2) CO 60 sts over 2 circs-- kept sole and instep stitches on separate needles
3) Changed zigzag pattern to *k-f/b, k5, dd, k5, k-f/b
4) Knit cuff 6"
5) Started heel with 30 st knit across (instead of 1/2 knit stitches that are then turned)
6) Repeated heel patt 14 times total (1 + 13)
7) Heel turn: sl1, k16, ssk, k1, turn; sl1, p5, p2tog, p1, turn. Continue heel turn as usual. (Or was it p6? Sorry, will figure out later.)
8) Decreased gussets til 52 sts remained (30 instep, 22 sole)
9) Knit toe decrease rnds 3x (not recommended, the width is right but they're twisty-ish.)

Please remember these fit *my* feet, ymmv!

I'll knit a second pair from the remaining TT yarn (there is *so* much of this stuff!) but not *right now*... I also think I will soak these in cold water before washing since the color is so intense and I read about bleeding dye possibilities with the Interlacements (and since I'm lazy and only buy machine washable yarn so it can all go in the laundry at the same time!) I don't mind how different the colors are.

It is a super fast pattern; I met my goal of a pair in a week thanks to the Addis and the slightly thicker yarn. I have to say I really like the stuff; I've not had a chance to try out the Little Toes yet (though I have a skein in the stash), but have read that people don't like the TT since they "can't get their feet in their shoes" with it on. I don't have that problem-- the fabric on 2's/3mm is thicker but not super bulky. One thing though, it is a soft yarn but knit so tightly it isn't "cushy"... we'll see, since this pattern also makes a stiff, not stretchy sock as it is. I'll definitely use it again though (notwithstanding the fact I have about 10 pair worth of yarn in the stash!!)

Monday, January 09, 2006

Jaywalkers, toeless! :)
Just need to get the toes on and get these off of the needles; 2nd pair of socks for 200(socks) (check out the button below-- 2000 sox for 2006!)

Here's hoping that I can steamroll these to the done column by Wednesday-- that'll mean I completed the pair in a week (yay!)

I will be knitting another pair to makes these odd ducks some mrs frankensteins-- eventually :) Too much sock yarn to try right now, so they won't be next... though I am thinking about another pair of Jaywalkers with those sexy picot edges... in Cherry Tree Hill super glitz. We'll see...

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Jaywalker in progress.

Nuts how different the colors are, eh? I think I'll be knitting another pair, same specs from the cake when I'm done with this pair; perhaps then I can match them a little better. I always dig "fraternal" or mismatched socks, but these are way off the mark!

I dig the pattern, and its just flying by on 2 circs in this yarn (Interlacements Toasty Toes). Very user friendly, though I haven't thought far enough ahead to figure out how to turn the heel, etc with this pattern. We'll see :)

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Since everyone in the world seems to be knitting a jaywalker or se7en :) -- thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and start some, too.

2 socks on 2 circs, with cast on help from sherons 2 socks and
Addi US 2's (3mm), 16" & 24"
Interlacements Toasty Toes, unknown colorway
Alterations to pattern (so far): CO 60 st total
Gauge-- patt, 6.5st=1"; st st, 7st=1"

Note how different the colors are! I'm knitting from the in and out of this honking 8oz cake, and there's a huge difference. I don't mind, but part of me wants to rewind the skein in thoughts that 2 socks from the inner (or outer) bit would be at least closer in color. Jaywalker is a fun knit though, seems to fly after knitting Pomatomus (apples y oranges tho-- dpns/addi's, lace/not, etc.)

Pomatomus finished-- way awesome. They look a bit fraternal yet knit from the same hank of Fleece Artist merino; one is much more pink, the other much more blue/yellow. I'm thinking if this hank was knit st st it would show up much more. Also had pooling on the foot of both but not the cuff (I don't mind pooling, actually). The ribbing is very comfortable, and molds the sock well to the foot.

Started: 24 Dec 05
Finished: 2 Jan 06
Fleece Artist Merino, Cosmic Dawn
US 1's (2.25mm), dpn's
Knit thru 3 full repeats of chart b, then dec toe to 16 st total.

Yay :)

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