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Monday, January 16, 2006

Jaywalkin', again y again!

I have no idea why this pattern is so addicting. Or for that matter, why I am compelled to knit it again in Interlacements' Toasty Toes... I admit I was going to go for a pair of JW-ahs in some Cherry Tree Hill super glitz with a pi(xxx)ot edge, and maybe I will sometime in the future, but I just had to bang out this pair first.

Started: January 14, 2006
Interlacements Toasty Toes, 207 colorway (Turkish Carpet, I think)
2 socks on 2 Addis, US 2's (3.0mm)

Same specs as in the last pair, except I went with a 1x1 rib at the top (that still is baggy; I either need to cast on fewer sts and increase when the pattern commences, or commit to the picot.) Or just stop knitting jaywalkers! :)

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