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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Wyvern started

Wyvern started...

Started Janaury 21, 2006
Kona Superwash, koolaid handdyed (naranja-- details here)
US 3's, dpns
M size

With 3 starts to the short row toe, I finally got it rolling and it seems to be going pretty quickly. Although, the purl short row side seems to show holes and I can't figure out why... Perhaps I'm being too picky since they're not super noticable, and maybe because I struggled a bit picking up the purl side wraps.

I also noticed the toe seems long on my foot, perhaps 2.25" long-- which isn't long-long, but looks it. At least it does with only these few patt repeats under my belt.

The sock reminds me of the koi and koi pond my grandfather built in his backyard, goldfish styling.

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lexa said...

That yarn turned out very nice! I love it! I only had two pretty much failed attempts at Kool Aid dying, but I may have to try again! I think next time I'll try one color instead of trying to go for something variagated like the other times -- at least til I get the hang of it! Looking forward to seeing the finished socks!

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