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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Finished Jaywalker!

Started: Jan 3, 2006
Finished: Janaury 9, 2006
Interlacements Toasty Toes, unknown colorway
Addi US 2's (3mm), 2 socks on 2 circs

Alterations to pattern:
1) Gauge, 6.5 st = 1" zigzag patt; 7 st = 1" st st
2) CO 60 sts over 2 circs-- kept sole and instep stitches on separate needles
3) Changed zigzag pattern to *k-f/b, k5, dd, k5, k-f/b
4) Knit cuff 6"
5) Started heel with 30 st knit across (instead of 1/2 knit stitches that are then turned)
6) Repeated heel patt 14 times total (1 + 13)
7) Heel turn: sl1, k16, ssk, k1, turn; sl1, p5, p2tog, p1, turn. Continue heel turn as usual. (Or was it p6? Sorry, will figure out later.)
8) Decreased gussets til 52 sts remained (30 instep, 22 sole)
9) Knit toe decrease rnds 3x (not recommended, the width is right but they're twisty-ish.)

Please remember these fit *my* feet, ymmv!

I'll knit a second pair from the remaining TT yarn (there is *so* much of this stuff!) but not *right now*... I also think I will soak these in cold water before washing since the color is so intense and I read about bleeding dye possibilities with the Interlacements (and since I'm lazy and only buy machine washable yarn so it can all go in the laundry at the same time!) I don't mind how different the colors are.

It is a super fast pattern; I met my goal of a pair in a week thanks to the Addis and the slightly thicker yarn. I have to say I really like the stuff; I've not had a chance to try out the Little Toes yet (though I have a skein in the stash), but have read that people don't like the TT since they "can't get their feet in their shoes" with it on. I don't have that problem-- the fabric on 2's/3mm is thicker but not super bulky. One thing though, it is a soft yarn but knit so tightly it isn't "cushy"... we'll see, since this pattern also makes a stiff, not stretchy sock as it is. I'll definitely use it again though (notwithstanding the fact I have about 10 pair worth of yarn in the stash!!)

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Anonymous said...

Incredibly cute, and such vibrant photos! Would you like these to appear in the gallery?

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