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Friday, January 20, 2006

Orange insanity.

So I'm dying some Kona Superwash with kool aid, aiming for a solid orange yarn to use with Wyvern or Embossed Leaves or some cable socks from Sock Bug...

Soaked 4 oz yarn in warm water & vinegar for 20 minutes. Started solution of 4 packets of orange koolaid to 6 c of warm water and vinegar. Cooked orange mix on stovetop in dutch oven, heated til almost boiling. Added presoaked yarn, was ready to wait 20 minutes for the yarn to take up the magical wonder of koolaid color.

Yarn hits deep-orange water, sucks up color *immediately*... in a really pretty variegation.

The yarn that is the deepest orange is that which struck the water first, the lighter is the yarn that hit it last. I'm talking *seconds* here.

Note: I didn't stir the water before adding yarn, but I don't think it made that much of a difference. I'm happy with the darkest color of the yarn so I didn't want to overdye it again, but had to share. This makes me want to dye more yarn :)

PS, its 3am pacstandard.

PS again. I found a good jury-rig for drying the soaked/dyed yarn. I don't have a good feeling about drying it in my shower (too many things in there already!) so am drying it over the sink. There is no quick and clean way to get a plastic hanger without a telescoping head to fit onto the overhanding cabinets, so I attached a vise-clip and am hanging the hanger thru that.

Drip drip drip.

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