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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Pomatomus finished-- way awesome. They look a bit fraternal yet knit from the same hank of Fleece Artist merino; one is much more pink, the other much more blue/yellow. I'm thinking if this hank was knit st st it would show up much more. Also had pooling on the foot of both but not the cuff (I don't mind pooling, actually). The ribbing is very comfortable, and molds the sock well to the foot.

Started: 24 Dec 05
Finished: 2 Jan 06
Fleece Artist Merino, Cosmic Dawn
US 1's (2.25mm), dpn's
Knit thru 3 full repeats of chart b, then dec toe to 16 st total.

Yay :)


Jerry & Maxy said...

So so so so so pretty, quikeye!!! You are a sock goddess!

Chrissy said...

Those are really very cool looking!

Acornbud said...

Those are really cool. Amazing combination of colors and patern.

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