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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

River Rapids' cuffs down

Run for the heels!

Sockbug left me a cool comment about my yo before purl whine (pearls before swine)...

"I love the colors of these! Instead of doing that YO before a purl, you can M1 in the next row where the YO should be. Not for the faint of heart, though. Really, it's not as obvious when the whole sock is done."

I'm actually not sweating the yo's much now; I think I just wasn't careful enough with the tension when I first started and now they don't look so brobdingnagian to me... the size of the yo's also get lost as the sock gets longer :) But its a good tip, esp. as I've been seeing more comments and questions about this pattern pop up on Knitters Review and Knitty.

Undulating, mm.

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