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Friday, January 20, 2006

Finished kool aid dyed kona yarn

Orange Koolaid dyed, Henry's Attic Kona Superwash yarn... finished :)

4 oz yarn, 6-8 (?) c water, glug vinegar, 4 packets "orange". See previous post for steps.

Once dyed/washed, the dyed yarn swelled up quite a bit (check out the white/orange comparison). I would imagine that the HA Kona that I have on cones (unscoured) will also swell... looking at it undyed I figured I would use a US 0-1, but I'm now teaching myself a short row toe for Wyvern and am using US 3's to get gauge (6.5sts = 1" on US 3's, 7sts = 1" on US 2). I did want to use US 2's for a slightly thicker fabric than what I'm getting, so I may end up ripping and knitting the next larger size on the 2's (I'm knitting the M size, my ball of the foot circumference falls btw 8-9".)

Fascinating, I know.

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