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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Un sumo pomo down!

One down, one to go!




Pomatomus from Winter Knitty 2005 in Lisa Souza Sock! Bird of Paradise colorway. US 2 for leg, US 1 for foot (fits fine, 8.25" foot circ).

(A "friend" asked why I have such elephantitis calves in these pics... they can be kinda ungainly its true, but I just realized it may be the top down, perspective angsty angles that add to it. Thanks b... I was sure to put this in the early bit of the post so you wouldn't miss it :))

I love this pattern, I think it may be my favorite. (What's yours?) I did extend the leg one repeat (4 instead of 3), and weighing the finished sock and yarn left over on my handydandy Soehnle Myra food scale, I will probably have 20 grams of yarn left over once the 2nd sock is knit. How rad is that? This is a long legged sock! Love big skeins of yarn!!

I didn't mean my last post to read that I don't like the Lisa Souza Sock! yarn, I really do. I am just fascinated at what a difference such a low stitch difference* can make in the fabric's character-- check out the striping action on the stockinette foot at 68 sts. It just stands for me as an example of how not every yarn is meant for every pattern (if you can't stand a pool or a swirl of color)-- at 68 sts this is a perfectly variegated yarn with a few orange stripes. Kinda like Socks That Rock too... I think it looks best when its worked up into a thin striping action, but its hard finding a pattern that will always hit that sweet spot CO #. (Anyone have a favorite STR colorway while I'm asking? I'm putting together a wishful thinking tenative order and was wondering what inspiration yall could throw my way...)

I dig the orange burst at the leg-- it shows off the pattern better than anywhere else on the sock. I had a fun experience with this sock yesterday-- I took it for a walk with my sock bag on my arm :) I went for a quick errand without mini me and knit as I walked, having a quite cool experience; not as hard as I thought it would be. I felt like a member of one of those towns full of knitters that Richard Rutt talked about in "A History of Hand Knitting," where entire townships knit as they did everyday things out in public. I also was struck with the strange parallel I made against what most people occupied themselves with in public, cellphones. Wouldn't it be rad if everyone knit instead of carried on meaningless private conversations in public, making yarn companies and pattern writers rich instead of the communication industry? Yarn stores on every corner instead of service providers? Hm, we'd have to have some sort of monthly yarn commitment, 2 year contracts, new needles with cameras for it to really catch on. Admit it, how many of yall would be tuning in to the Harlot's 24 hr knitting needle cam? Wendy's'd be impossible to watch, too blurry or sparky with that speed. :)


I love showing off the cool things that hit my mailbox...


Knit badges/buttons! I'm not knitta enuf to get a knitting tat, so these will have to do :)

I saw these on a bunch of blogs after MDS&W but Jodi hadn't put them in her etsy shop yet-- when she did I snapped these up :) You can probably also just email her direct to order instead of going thru etsy (what I did, since I wanted to combine shipping)... My sock bags look complete now, eh? :)

And for Eunny's mini argyle stockings, when (I hope not *if*!) she posts the pattern for sale...


Lanett Superwash from the Patternworks Summer Sale. I've never heard of this before, but at about $16 shipped for all of it I thought I'd take a chance and am glad I did. To me the colors look great together (the charcoal grey borders on a flecked black), and the yarn on the skeins is soft (and the labels are partly in Norwegian! ...such a dork...)

BTW (and congratulations for making it this far), HPNY Knits wins my keenest eyed reader around non-contest (or perhaps has a second degree of separation obsession with Thomas the Train too)... Percy *was* hanging out in my last post, holding a flippy heel down :) to knit some more of that Opal up (no, I didn't just say that, did I?? I really have been all over the place in terms of starting projects lately...)

*edit: I also didn't directly point out the change in needle size as well, but I went from a US 2 on the leg to a US 1 on the foot, which would affect a change as well.


Coleen said...

I love how the colors worked up on that pomatomus. it makes me think of goldfish!

Jason said...

That sock is way cool! For some reason it is very Japanese to me.

Have you read Beadlizard's post on Mobile Knitting?

Dave said...

So, what are you going to do to make the second one match ... exactly? < grin >

lexa said...

Looking good! I really like that charcoal and pink combo, too.

rene said...

The Pom looks fantastic! I think it's one of my favorite sock patterns, too, both in terms of knitting fun, and in terms of looking bad-ass when complete. :) I don't think I've seen an unattractive pair on anyone's blog yet.

I'll be interested to see what STR you end up getting. SO MANY CHOICES! I get a little brain freeze just looking at them all.

That pink and charcoal will be gorgeous for those socks. Whenever. :)

Melissa said...

I love how those colors worked up. The orange is so pretty!

HPNY KNITS said...

Jason is thinking of the famous "Great Wave" woodblock print by Hokusai. I can totally see that. The sock is very dynamic!

Percy and the crew are all over the house; it'll be hard to miss them...

Chris said...

P sock very lovely!! And I love your knitting pseudo tats. :)

turtlegirl76 said...

Argh! I've been putting off starting Pomotomus until I finish these stupid mini-rib socks. I'm only 1/3 of the way through the second and I'm itching to start a new pair! Yours look great! It's good to see it in a variegated colorway. Makes me that much more positive that the Trekking I chose for it will be perfect!

yarnahoy said...

awesome socks!

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