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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Beer Haiku Daily contest entries (no knitting content)

beer with my knitting
a better thought not yet had
dropped stitches all 'round.


breastfeeding and beer
still cant wrap my mind 'round it
drunk on boobie juice.


For the Beer Haiku Daily contest (coupled with a bit of a knitting theme, to try and keep this place on track) :)

Go play here!


rene said...

You find the most fun poetry sites. :)

Anonymous said...

Fabulous link, girl.
Haiku kicks serious ass. I feel thirsty.

Anonymous said...

Love 'em. Toooo funny! - Deb

rene said...

Congratulations for being featured on Sunday! Knitters do rock. These poetry sites have no idea what they're in for when you link to them.

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