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Monday, June 12, 2006

What a difference 4 sts makes... (and the difference is you)*

Growing up during Vegas summers, the only respite from the heat and from the interminable brown carpet inside digs of Ms D's (babysitter notsoextraordinaire) place was her backyard pool. Summer of 1984... the radio would blare, 12 kids would run around screaming on wet cement with nary an adult in sight, and every time the Pointer Sisters' song "jump" would come on, we'd throw ourselves in and out of the pool every time they would sing that summer pool word (jump!) It became a dizzy merry go round of chlorine and screeching, brown bodies and no winner.

If it could be, pooling would be a verb for all of that.

Now, if a picture could be a verb...


Not so bad, eh? You know my penchant for orange.

But the back...


Crazy eh? I should lie and say I've done 2 socks already, but no-- same sock, Janus-styling :)

I'm not one to complain about the nature of handpainted yarns, but I am glad the orange will be on the front of the cuff and not the back. I really don't like the green-white-blue-white single row action, its way too busy to my eye.

Crazier still, the difference only 4 stitches can make to a yarn's penchant for pooling...


(I forgot-- this is Pomatomus in Lisa Souza Sock! Bird of Paradise colorway).

There is only a 4 st difference (72 versus 68) between the number of sts on the cuff and what is the decreased # on the foot after the gusset shaping is all done.

A better non-patterned view:


This is the kind of variety I was hoping for on the leg-- it looks like it will remain stripey on the way down the foot. I'm 2 pattern repeats done with the foot, with at least 1.5 more to go.

I started the cuff on US 2's and knit 4 repeats (instead of 3) for a longer leg-- I was almost positive I would have enough yarn for a longer leg, and still pretty much ascribe to that view. I switched to US 1's for the heel and thereafter-- I think the 1's are better for this yarn, though the leg isn't bad at all. I just wanted a tighter knit stockinette foot and know the pattern will stretch well enough to compensate for the change in needle size.

The pattern on the foot is totally kicking my arse though, I've had to rip back several rows twice now. Its not the pattern, its me... first I forgot to account for the change in charts from leg to foot so I just kept knitting the leg pattern down the foot, and then I misplaced/misread a k2tog tbl in my knitting and carried the mistake over several rounds. The first time I knit this pattern was my 1st time using charts ever (I'd always handwrite dx out, crazy eh?), and stuck to it religiously. Now that I am more confident in reading charts and my own knitting to see what direction it will go, I think I have just been too confident and watching too much Iron Chef as I knit :)


In non pooling news, I still remain the luckiest blogger around lately. I was a winner over at knitspot's (of "we're knot taking it anymore!"/national yarn rant day fame) Stalk n Knit contest and got to choose my poison from Fearless Fibers' sock yarn wares!



Fearless Fibers
100% merino wool
410 yd/4 oz
gauge: 30 sts/4 inches on US 2
Sand & Sun colorway

Isn't it... *pretty*? The warm weather has softened my heart to colorways like these, and none too soon! I love it.

(The balled pic is more accurate, I think the green background of the hank picture makes the hank look darker. Just to my eye of course.)

Deb from Fearless Fibers (etsy link here, ebay link here) got this to me so fast I couldn't really believe it, so fast that I had no idea what the package at my door was since I wasn't expecting anything. I love that. :)

You may ask why its already balled up? When I still have a second Pomatomus to knit? And have a secretly balled up hank of Trekking waiting for me too?


(It wants to go trekking! See how the Trekking is hiding in my new sock bag from Tisha? She made it for me for just a few local postcards! Too cool. I have to try this whole leaving the house thing soon.)

I wound the Fearless Fibers sock yarn cos I just couldn't *not* wind it :) I'm throwing a pattern around in my brain for it, something totally decadent and girly and usually not me (that's changed so much lately that I can barely enunciate it anymore!)... I had to swatch and play with it. HAD to! It was literally keeping me up at night :) I do think it will be part of my next project-- though I think I have enough single socks around here to choke a pernicious knid, and the new knitty (extremities issue!) is due soon, and and and... :)

Happy knitting yall!

*there was the commercial that played on vegas tv all of the time when i was growing up... c & r clothiers i think-- the refrain went, "what a difference a day makes, 24 little hours. what a difference a day makes, and the difference is you..." there would be these cuts of sweaty, 80s type spandex workout bedecked, construction rugged, almost scruffy but not guys and as the commercial went on, the guys would be all transformed and non-shiny and shaved in suits when the "...difference is you" refrain would peak. yeah.


lexa said...

Very pretty yarns! Weird how all that orange is in the front of the Pomatomus and totally different and "speckly" almost in the back! Right now I'm knitting plain grey ribbed socks for the Step-Pa-in-Law for Sunday. Bor-ing! Can't wait to start something for me (probably Hedera).

I'm also looking forward to the new Knitty. I check every day! Can't wait to see your design!

Anonymous said...

Hello Aija: Thanks for sending me your blog link. Great blog! All of your super-cool socks have inspired me. I keep saying I need to stop knitting socks and get into something else, but now you have me hankering to start yet another pair!

And I'm so glad you like your Fearless Fibers yarn prize. I can't wait to see what you knit with it.
- Deb aka Fearless Fibers

Knittypants said...

I like how the orange pooled on your sock, too. Fun :-)

What a cute little knitting bag, with it's little ball of yarn peeking out.

Elspeth said...

Did I miss it? Which yarn was the 2nd Pomatomus in? I think it looks great, very Koi-like. The knitting bag is so cute! I love the fabric. And the Fearless Fibers is so pretty -- so much sock yarn, so little time ...

Elspeth said...

Ooops, I just saw it was Lisa Souza. You know I was wanting it to be STR! But not the Lisa Souza, I love her yarn!

Jerry & Maxy said...

The pooling is fascinating! I love the Pomatomus pattern; you are such a good sock knitter :). And what a sweet, starry bag.

Annie said...

fantastic colors! I really must knit faster, you make me wanna start my pomatomus...

Dave said...

Very nice on the Fearless Fibres -- lucky you! The Potam... sock is quite, ummm, interesting. Gotta love the challenges, and joy, of handpaint yarn!

~Jody said...

Oh the joy's of hand painted yarn - never know what your gonna get! They look great! Love the bag!

Rachel said...

You won another one? Go you!

I love the pooling on the pom..pot..pomoto..pomatumm... I love the pooling on the sock! Great colors.

HPNY KNITS said...

That's the "beauty" of hand painted, the unpredictability...
I found a similar experience (a few stitches made a big difference) in Koigu as well)
We want to know if that's Percy in the background, hidden?

rene said...

The Pom is looking great! It is weird the way the color changes from leg to foot- I can't wait to see if the second one looks simlar or very different.

I don't blame you for one sec for not being able to resist winding that yarn. It's gorgeous, very sherbert-y. :)

insaknitty said...

wow, that yarn from fearless fibers is so pretty! I love it! btw, we had those commercials here in the bay area too! I totally thought of it when I saw your title... :)

Melissa said...

I think the socks look great on either side. The blue reminds me of waves.
Anyway, congrats on the win, you deserve it and the knitting bag rocks!

Anonymous said...

I love the sock! The pattern is really cool. Nice orangey yarn too... this is a new company to me; I'll have to check them out!

Stacey said...

I'm always amazed at how a few stitches can totally change the way a handpainted looks. I'm glad the orange is the front too!! I love orange! The new yarn is beautiful - lucky! :)

Anonymous said...

I couldn't have helped w. the pattern problem but the smart knitter you are, you called out for help. Cool tips you got! Interesting how the yarn colors came out - I like it.

You have fantastic photos - it's so fun to come and see your pics - I always love to visit - thanks for blogging. Terry

Jen said...

I can hear Sarah Vaughan doing her siren song in my head now. Oh wait, I'm sure there were lots of other versions of this song, but this is the one I know and love. The pooling/ non pooling quality of your socks is really interesting. Makes me afraid of using handpainted yarn now since I like to know exactly what I'm going ot get! Yeah, I know. That's not really all that much fun.

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos. I can completely see the Bird of Paradise in the P-sock. I am roaming the Web for Pomatomus pix, as I think I am doing chart 2 wrong-the left edge thing is throwing me. I have Wisteria from Fearless Fibers. Cute knitting bag. I feel like I should wash mine after dragging it all over Nawlins.

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