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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Frailty, thy name is odessa.

I'm usually not a several wip kinda gal, mostly cos the projects I knit are so small that they'll be finished before the urge to start another has receded. However, the new February MagKnits is out and like everyone else who has and will see it, Odessa's caught my eye.

So, even though I spent way too long pondering beads today (and ended up using the generic beads I bought for my diy stitch markers, discovering they're the perfect size-- "e" ticket, jo!) I managed to cast on and get a good deal banged out so far. I did get a bit paranoid that the cap wouldn't fit my brontosaurus head and threw some waste yarn in to try it on about 2" in... it'll be fine. I hope :)

I strung the beads with a little help from Clara's article over on Knitter's Review, making my own very very thin bead threader out of superfine wire I had purchased with the beads but hadn't used before. Very neat, and I "shopped from the stash" for everything, making me extremely pleased with myself and able to justify my ignoring of my lonely pair of River Rapids socks begging for their gusset decreases.

Started: February 1, 2006
Odessa by Grumperina (published by MagKnits)
Rowan Calmer in coffeebean
Addi 3.0mm (US 2.5) & 3.75mm (US 5) -- 40 cm (16")

(the woman doth protest too much, metinks.)


Isela said...

It looks gorgeous in that color.

Zonda said...

That is gorgeous...I am partial to browns/choc. yarns, but with the beads it is wonderful! Can't wait to see it finished!

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