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Friday, February 03, 2006

Odessa finished!

Odessa finished...

Odessa by Grumperina, published in Feb 05 MagKnits
Started: Feb 1, 2006
Finished: Feb 2, 2006
Rowan Calmer, Coffeebean... one ball (with leftovers)
Addi 3.0mm & 3.75mm -- 40cm

This is a pattern I'd definitely look to if I were to make a little special last minute gift for someone. It's quick to knit (easy to memorize the pattern), unique, shiny (anybody but me and the raccoons love shiny?) and just catches your eye.

I knit mine in Calmer since that's what I had in the stash... knit to 5.75"-6" before decreases as I have a big head and often-cold ears. I love Calmer and it was a pleasure to knit this hat in it... it may be a good chemo cap pattern (without beads, I assume) and I had a bit of the ball left over-- no worries about running out like Shedir *pdf!* (which I think I may knit in the very-near future, perhaps as my cable "practice" for the Knitting Olympics?)

Meanwhile, back on the farm... I may try and take a natural light pic tomorrow as this one isn't really doing it for me and the flash ones make the yarn look brighter than it is.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Already done? It looks absolutely fabulous. Would you like it to be in the Odessa gallery?

lexa said...

I love that hat! I think I may have to make one!

Unknown said...

That is absolutely georgeous!! What a beautiful color you selected. That will catch some attention.

Anonymous said...

thats the exact color im about to cast on for my odessa... ;)

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