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Monday, July 13, 2009

weekend at brownies (day seven thru nine)

day 7-9 of tour de fleece 2009
one lone bobbin down

A face only a mother could love? Cos really, not something that gets you all hot and bothered.


A Verb for Keeping Warm cashmere/silk, "Intergalactic Space Travel"
(June 2009 ultra fiber club)

Or maybe you go both ways. All I know is that I am itching to spin some color once Tour de Fleece is over.

Back to brown(/grey) :)


knithound brooklyn said...

so what's funny is, seeing you spin all that gorgeous fleece is making me itchy to try a natural colored project! I need a break from all the color! Ha! Your project is fascinating and I am really enjoying the process. Thanks for sharing.

loopykd said...

I just love that color. It's really pretty for a grayish color.

kimchi said...

i LOVE that bobbin. considering i've been working on my BMFA S2S these past 10 days, i need a break from color too! that bobbin is just GORGEOUS... but the ultra club shipment is definitely BEAUTIFUL too...can't wait to see how it spins up! :o)

Walden said...

I can see how spinning the same color would get old, but that brown is beautiful!

Romi said...


Anonymous said...

Though intergalactic space travel may be pleasing to the eye, your Brownies color will make a flattering hue to wear (especially on blustery autumn evenings).

Rosie said...

The natural color is beautiful. I'll admit I'm a bit color-phobic. I love what other people do with the dyed rovings but I gravitate to the (safe) natural colors. Good luck with on the Tour.

Shannon said...

Wow...that cashmere/silk roving is beautiful!!

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