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Friday, July 10, 2009

day six and finally spinning

day 6 of tour de fleece 2009
finally spinning

Finally! :)

It is slow going for me so far... My short term goal is to fill three bobbins relatively full and ply them into however many skeins I need to to clear the singles, then start spinning again. I could spin all of singles at once and just do one straight shot at plying, but I'm reallyREALLY looking forward to plying as a rest in spinning. So, it'll be lots of brownish grey singles on bobbins for me over the weekend and beyond.

As far as my bobbin progress shot goes... spinning wheel cupholders are rad, but I think my spinning wheel tripod is pretty up there too :)

Joby Gorillapod-SLR
(there's also a newer gorillapod-SLR version with a bubble level)

It's a tripod with prehensile legs (doesn't that word just do it for you?!) that can wrap onto slim objects and hold my Panasonic Lumix (and any other camera with a tripod hole) in odd ways as well as traditional tabletop tripod ones. The clearance is also good enough on the Schacht for the flyer to turn and spin while the camera is attached... so of COURSE I had to take a video while spinning some (more) singles.

Don't you love the whoooosh? You don't normally hear that (or the taptaptapping of the camera strap against the footman's chamber door :)) It'll be fun to take another video of a heavier weight or multicolor single being spun so you can see it actually filling up on the bobbin... can't think about that til TdF is over though! :)

Happy weekend!


Walden said...

Spinning is looking nice. Love the video!

Anonymous said...

You are my IDOL!!!!!!!!

Kathy in San Jose said...

Love the gorillapod idea - I've got one around here somewhere...!

Maia said...

Love the video!

I would want a pinning and plying break too.

Jasmin said...

Dude. I am mesmerized!

Kristine said...

I love you - seriously. And the color of that fleece spun - OMG!

GURO said...

Great little film! I have a gorillapod too, just like yours but in green and black. I love it and have used it a lot. I took all the pictures of my most recent sweater in the woods, helped by the gorillapod. It will grab on to just about any branch and stand steadily on any rock.

Pat said...

Just love your blog. I've learned so much. You are fabulous.

Robyn said...

A Fellow GorillaPod user!! I love mine. I used it with my Digital SLR...who met an untimely demise. I am presently using my lil Gorilla with a point-n-shot digital and it works well for that too. I never thought of rigging it up to my spinning wheel. Thanks for a great idea!

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