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Thursday, February 05, 2009

year of the class

I really like the end and beginning of the year on blogs, not just for holiday and new year cheer but to read about past year roundups and new year goals (resolution seems to be a bad word this year!) For me, mine's not so much a goal or resolution but something to work thru... I've decided to not shy away from taking classes when I want to learn something new.

I have nothing against learning from a book or teh internets (I learned almost everything fiber-wise that way!) but there are several things I'd like to learn and learn among the company of others. I've already started-- I enrolled in a digital photography course at the local city college, and just completed a sewing 101 course offered at Knit One One by KiraKDesigns.

In Town Bags by Amy Butler
(only one is mine! these were finished by everyone in class)

I've never touched a sewing machine before in my life, which is nuts in a way because my mom gets all breathy talking about sewing the way I get talking about knitting and spinning. My little sister sewed all of the linens for her wedding (omFg srsly if only I had a pic of the tablecloths and chaircovers and and and...), my grandma was an amazing quilter and made zakka toys and housestuffs before I'd ever heard the term, and even though I was never interested in the tomboy phase lately I've felt like there was a hole in my knowledge base that would actually help in the fiber world (machine steeking! lining bags! finishing woven fabrics!)

After my four week class I'm not so afraid of the sewing machine :)


I couldn't help but make another-- I had the fabric left over and since I'm using them to hold spindles + fiber I *needed* them since my spindle stash seems to be growing while I'm not looking.

Okay, I was totally looking.

Jenkins Turkish Delight spindle in spalted tamarind with Pygora from A Verb for Keeping Warm

And it sort of kind of fits into the new year and learning new things! I never thought I'd want a Turkish spindle (or even a bottom whorl) but seeing these wee loves at The Bellwether I couldn't help it...


Turkish spindles are usually larger (9-10" shaft, 2 oz weight) but mine is tiny-- only a 5" shaft and weighs 0.7oz. My son loves taking it apart and putting it together...


..and I have to admit I fell for it not because it was new to me (bottom whorling) but because the wood is amazing.


I like the Turkish Delight so much I'll probably add a big brother in regular size to my spindle stash sooner rather than later-- but for now I am just in love with this lovely creature that I can demonstrate sitting in bed. And pygora...

2 oz of naturally colored pygora, January 2009 aVfKW fiber club
from penzance and paper moon (the names of the goats!)

I've heard Kristine has some pygora for sale at her brick and mortar store in Berkeley-- totally worth the trip, or stopping by her booth at Stitches West* to see if she has any left. The Verb for Keeping Warm's Workshop is also a good place to start class-wise if you're looking to expand your fiber knowledge, along with Article Pract and Knit One One for fiber + knitting/crocheting. Me? My next class will probably be to learn how to crochet! :)

Happy belated new year!

*, say yes!


lexa said...

Love the bags! I'm not much at a sewing machine.

What happened to Coke Zero?

Nadia said...

That's a great spindle!

Anonymous said...

When are you planning to visit Stitches? We should go get a beer while you're down this way!

Stacey said...

those bags are adorable! great fabric choice! sewing is a bit like knitting - seems scary to start but once you get into it, it's not too bad!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the elephant bags, your resolution is inspiring--great idea!, I love the new spindle and am insanely jealous of the fiber. I just bought myself a full-size Jenkins (Bolivian Rosewood) because they were on sale at Woodland Woolworks, and was really surprised at how much I love it! Makes plying so much easier, it spins at a much greater variety of speeds than my Bosworth, and it's so wonderfully balanced and just a beautiful piece of equipment. My friend Mary has a Turkish Delight and I think it's adorable, but I think I prefer the feel of the larger size. Makes me feel less oafish than the wee tiny version :)

Anonymous said...

I'm been a silent reader...but those bags really knocked off my socks!!!!

(Not that your knitting/spinning/beading/dyeing hasn't done the same!)

Can I be so frank as to say that I'm jealous? XD

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