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Monday, February 02, 2009

tis the season take this


and this


add water and soap to get this


choose your own fiber prep adventure for something like this


plan something special


and spin for it.

handspun 2-ply Jacob, separated into white/colors

I am pretty proud of myself, waiting all the way thru January to get excited. About what you ask? Spring shearing! Is! Coming!


I shouldn't be excited. I have an inordinate amount of fleeces on hand, have at least 3 reserved for 2009 that I can remember (2 from Little Meadow Farms, where the above Jacob fleece is from), and literally no space to store them... but still!

I decided that I needed to actually try to work thru some of the fleeces before I could justify buying more. I finally spun the black and white yarns I've meant to for almost a whole year-- intended for Haavisto or Selbuvotter mittens for me.


The dark skein is a heavier weight than the light... I was originally planning gloves but think the fingers may be too skewed for the gauge change. I'm still going to try and use them together-- I just think it's too cool, 2 distinct colors from one sheep!

Off to wash (more) wool... I also promised myself to have everything on hand scoured before any new wool arrives :)

...waiting anxiously,


Dawn said...

Wow yay for you. Such pretty yarn and the project will turn out beautifully I'm sure.

Trillian42 said...

OK, it is TOO COOL that those both came from the same sheep with no dye! Those are going to be awesome mittens/gloves/whatever you end up deciding on.

Anonymous said...

What wonderful pics - a gorgeous fibery saga! So inspiring!!

madonnaearth said...

What an amazing difference between the beginning, middle and the end.

And all from the same sheep? I didn't know that was possible.

Then, when you spin it up, you get what seems to be an entirely different thing. I love the balance between black and white.

Jody said...

Oh that looks lovely. I adore natural colours!

adrienne said...

Wow, gorgeous yarn! I just want to squoosh it! It will make awesome mittens :)

Walden said...

Wow, they look lovely! I can't wait until I get to make my own yarn from the fleece.

Anonymous said...

So pretty! Spinning is on my list of things to learn this year, though I think I'll start with ready to go roving. :P

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