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Monday, April 14, 2008

spinning catchup

It feels like I have a backlog of things to share, mainly spinning since... well, bitten again and all :) Something old but awesome, merino-bamboo that's going into my 'I have no idea what to do with this' pile:


Handspun 2-ply 60-40 merino-bamboo, approx 250 yd/4oz
fiber from Wolf Creek Wools (who has an etsy site! i didn't know :))
purchased from Sweet Grass Wool at Stitches West 2008

Shiny, but really really pretty. It looks *so* similar to the fiber, which is usually not the case. Like this one, looking nothing like I expected:

Handspun 2-ply, dk weight superwash wool, approx 290 yd/112g
fiber from -- "diadem"

I thought, given the amount of white in the fiber, the resulting yarn would be mainly white with flashes of color. Instead, there is a lot of white but it is evenly dispersed across the plies and really ties all of the colors together-- much more colorful than I had thought possible. The deep red purple turned into a much more true purple hue, and there were blues I didn't even really notice the first time :) Even closeups don't capture all the colors and how they play out unexpectedly...


It's why I love dyeing fiber so much, the surprise that still awaits two, three steps ahead.

The fiber type wasn't described in the listing, and it may not be known to the seller... but I have to say it was really a nice choice and different than the superwash merino I'm used to. This fiber really wanted to stay together, stick to itself-- not that it was gummy, but that it didn't want to fall apart at the mere borrowed suggestion. It wasn't as soft as merino, but has a really crisp feel and the resulting yarn still has loft and bounce in the skein... I think it'd be a good choice for spinners wanting to spin a superwash sock or fine gauge yarn but who have a hard time with the slippiness of superwashed merino.

(fwiw, this skein is for sale in my etsy shop.)

...and since I never think far enough ahead to take pics of what's on the wheel now-- something new. :) This weekend I started with a 4 oz bag of Crosspatch Creations Triple Play roving after Amelia reminded me the next issue of the Rhyme Times fiber sampler is shipping soon (eee!), a wool/viscose/silk noil blend in "Edgar Allen."

Straight out of the bag, quite compressed.

I drafted out the roving, and new colors came out as well as the lovely silk noil that was hiding...


It's mainly a dark red, purple and black mix... the noil really sets the colors off though. I decided to not to try and spin this too finely like I did with the eggplant Signature Blend colorway I purchased from the bellwether-- I was looking for something a little more instant gratification, and maybe a yarn to add to that growing pile of unproject-ed yarn :)

In progress.

Maybe an ounce into it, planning a 2-ply (as usual!) :) Fun-fun, but wouldn't you know... I'm not spinning right now, but knitting.

Hearts upon hearts upon hearts.

Til then...


KT said...

The Diadem yarn is GORGEOUS! It may not have come out as expected, but it looks fantastic!

lexa said...

They look awesome! I love your handspun. Two of my knitting friends are new spinners. One has a wheel, the other is thinking of getting one. I'm afraid if I try I'll be hooked! (That's good and bad at the same time...)

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