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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

gesundheit. (or, auf wiedersehen magknits)

I can say that, right?

I took three years of high school German, sitting behind the boy with the light eyes I held a smoldering torch for and had no idea how to talk to when he actually *called me* one summer vacation sweating in the desert, but really all I can remember is the bit about the stone in the shoe from ms. x and 'ich liebe dich'. Isn't that really all we remember in the end, anyways?

Anyways. :)

Gesundheit from Magknits June 2006, archived here
Handspun 2-ply worsted, spun from commercial merino by Ashland Bay-- "grape harvest"
US 7 40" KnitPicks Harmony, magic loop
Started and finished April 1, 2008

A little bit of a wink and a nod to my barefoot and pregnant stay at home mommery, a casting glance towards my grandmother who was amigurumi before there was a word for covering toilet paper rolls and renuzit air fresheners with anthropomorphic crochet... but really a personal joke that pleases me still to no end :) I actually and truthfully came bounding home happy one day, determined to find a tissue box pattern to make... and how thrilled was I that this one is exactly what I was looking for without having to teach myself how to crochet?

I say the pattern is archived, since well... Magknits is gone. Like, no more pattern archives. You can find the Gesundheit pattern here thanks to the wayback machine (which has been getting quite a knitterly workout the past week!!) and if your curiosity leans to the morbid like mine, you can read more about the seed of Magknits' disappearance here, as well as the echo afterwards. Maybe Carol will put the pattern up somewhere, it really is a good one if you're like me and have a burning need to cover a kleenex box with yarn.


Even though most of the fiber I spin and buy is handdyed, this merino from Ashland Bay is just beautiful with streaks of blue and gold and others running thru the base purple. I spun it ages ago and don't know the yardage, but spun up about 4 oz and have half of it left after the tissue box was done. I bought the first 4 oz at a show but bought 4 more from Susan's Spinning Bunny (excellent service)... enough for a matching purple scarf that will undoubtedly make me laugh and think of the empty kleenex box if I were to wear it :)

Not that kind of weather though... instead, the kind to go outside and card wool I scoured and has been waiting for me too long. Til then, soon but not enough!

***PS!! Bay Area? Have you heard about the Color Fiber Festival in Berkeley on April 26th? FREE drop spinning classes, fiber sampling classes for the cost of materials, handheld loom weaving classes and even a learn to knit session! Oh, and a gaggle of local fiber dyers and artists to rub elbows with and buy wares from. I'll be there taking some fiber tasting classes and just to hang out and knit and spin in the sun, so yay for sweet bay area weather and hope to see you there :)***


kimchi said...

yeah, that is too bad about magknits isn't it?
so many different opinions but it's too bad the patterns are gone, so to speak.

anyway, hope to see you at the fiber festival! I'm really excited to be able to see all those indie dyers together in one place and omg, free classes?! or very cheap classes at least! i can't wait to go!
:o) ek.

karrie said...

You tease! I thought the Renuzit link was going to go to a finished item. Granny renuzit crochet sounds right up my alley :)

See you at the Fiber Festival!

Anonymous said...

that is a nice tissue cover. I have a few skeins of purple left over from CPH. I could be matchy-matchy

lexa said...

Kinda thought something was up when I went to pop over on Magknits and I just got that blank page with the e-mail address. That's too bad. Glad I printed off all the patterns I was most interested in.

Love the little cover, btw. It's my kinda color. :)

razorknitgirl said...

hey miss german... can you decifer the konfetti sock pattern on Ravelry? I want to make a pair but I don't know a word of german!

MaryjoO said...

thanks for this -- a definite improvement on the "dolls" (covering TP rolls) that used to scare me.
And Berkeley -- lucky you!!

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