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Monday, October 01, 2007

Knit and Crochet Show 2007

Being in my own literal backyard, I couldn't resist visiting the market at the Knit and Crochet Show this year. As with all of my fiber arts purchases lately, it's been spinning fiber heavy.

Yak fiber, 2 - 8 oz bags from

Merino/cashmere (95/5), 8 oz from

Yarnplace is slowly becoming one of those places I buy from whenever I run into them (last time it was the gold recycled silk at Lambtown). Really though, the yak is amazingly soft and a super short staple... I have it in the back of my head to save it to card with a natural brown merino for a sweater qty of spinning fiber... one of those pipe dreams similar to the baby alpaca/silk from matahari spinnery, but you never know :) The merino/cashmere is the same fiber percentage as the "clouds" yarn I have but it's not the one listed on their site right now... they did have it at the K&CS though, not sure the deal on that. They also don't have their spinning fibers on their website, but they had several grades of cashmere along with camel as well at the show.

I also picked up a 1400 yd ball of gentle, because yall know I knit *so* much lace.

Crosspatch Creations triple play roving (wool, silk & viscose), 4 oz in "Edgar Allen"
from Carolina Homespun

I've really been curious about Crosspatch Creations since seeing this awesome, awesome fiber sampler newsletter on The Bellwether's site (you do know Amelia has a bring you to your knees new website, yeah?)... and this purchase has spurred me on to subscribe. The color's just amazing, and will spin into a fun textured yarn for me (if I can manage to not spin it too finely!)

Corriedale roving, 2 - 4 oz braids in "chocolate" from

I've finally come to terms with the fact I don't have to just spin superwash merino, or just merino :) The royale hare booth was so friendly (almost too much for staring at my shoes me), and told me that this roving was meant to be chocolate (brown) but instead broke into the beautiful purple/gold/brown you see here. I have been buying larger qtys of spinning fiber lately, always thinking I want to spin something substantial...

Aside from fiber, I snagged acid dyes and a set of US 3 Boye dpn's from SheepCityUSA (I swear this is the only needle size I constantly lose) and some wool/silk destash yarn from Caila Handknits (one of my favorite stops whatever show they're at). I felt the most amazing brown-black alpaca fiber at Pacific Meadows Alpacas but they only had 4 oz (I should have picked it up, it was amazing), and saw the cooooolest blocking solution at Article Pract's booth (my lys) called the "knitter's block." It's a set of interlocking foam pieces like little kids' puzzle mats, but the "foam" was covered and not just open and non-absorbant... it was packaged with t-pins and an Egyptian cotton pressing cloth in an adorable tote and gosh I wanted it but had hit my budget, so I hope they'll have it in stock next time I manage to pop over there on transit. My birthday's coming up, so we'll see :)

All of this fiber and no where to put it means I've come to terms with the fact I can't knit (or even store) all of the yarn that I spin, and will be listing a couple handspun yarns in my etsy store as soon as I wrangle time to figure out their weights and yardages (you can sneak a peek at them here, and I'll probably be posting about them on Wednesday.)

Til then! :)


adrienne said...

Such yummy looking fibre! I wish there were knitting/spinning events near me :)

lexa said...

Man, I should learn how to spin. That Corriedale chocolate is GORGEOUS!

Chris said...

Oh, that merino-cashmere looks like an amazing cloud!

monica said...

Hmmm... I need to buy a size 3 DPN porcupine, because I keep losing mine, too.

Stacey said...

your wheel is going to be busy!!!!

Lothlorian said...

*jumps up and down* oho ohohohohohh I NEED some of your spun yarn *lurks here to grab it*

Courtney said...

Love the fiber, it looks good:-)

WonderMike said...

Damn!!! I'm so bummed that I didn't realize we live close to one another! I was at the show and saw those cool blockers. I'm getting one soon. Love all your rovings!

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