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Friday, September 28, 2007

etsy friday

Feeling a little rusty! I actually was only going to take 2 weeks off from blogging etsy fridays, but my blogfree pal Katy asked what I was going to do with my time off... it sounded like a good idea to take the whole 2 weeks off from blogging, and now I don't know how to start again :)

Jumping in with my clothes on...

Raised glass scrollwork pendant from

Oh, how I love these glass pendants :) It was near on impossible to capture, but the raised raku colored scrollwork ranges in color from brown to iridescent duck green to gold, and the grey flecked white glass is almost indescribable-- not looking like typical glass, but heavy on the collarbone when worn. Yay for LORiOLA (one of the gift certificates for the contest was to her store!)

Etsy's not only a place for handmade, but also for sellers selling vintage items as well as supplies. I buy lots of "supply" category things from etsy*, a few recent ones:

JehovehJirehFarm Coopworth/Silk roving from

IMG_6051 worsted merino from

Both of these "destash" items came from twistedSheep, who also sells spinning batts and handspun yarns in her shop. (If you've ever wanted to knit with handspun but don't spin, there's been a HUGE surge in handspun yarn listings on etsy lately! Just fyi...)

The pollen merino's a delight-- back from the day when was selling the worsted on ebay (you may know them now as a little company called Malabrigo...) I love stumbling onto things like this on etsy-- I wasn't looking for either, but both are current projects of mine.

Another stumbled upon find...


Lenticular vintage Mexican postcards from

I went searching on etsy for "lenticular", loving the way it sounded (never knowing the word for that winking jesus washboard effect before) and found these awesome postcards. I've slowed my roll on buying cards, the stockpile getting too large, but these I just couldn't say no to. ArtPhotoGirl sells lots of unique paper and vintage finds for art (or just for use as they are, for unimaginative souls like me), and has even relisted the ones I bought.

More serendipitous finds...

Etsy 1" pinback buttons from

One each for the winners of the latest knitty/choka contest hot off of EtsyLabs' button press, and the rest for me ;)

Speaking of...

* $27 GC to LORiOLA -- Camille
* $20 GC to Pigeonroof Knits -- Alyson
* $18.50 to Frost Fish Cove Soaps -- WonderMike
* Tissue Cozy and Keyfob Sets from Piddleloop -- salohlee, Val and Jeanie
* Knitting Box Bag from Japanese Handmade Etc -- Suzie
* $10 GC to creativeapples -- Amelia
* $10 GC to time2cre8 -- Turtle
* $10 GC to zero stitch markers -- Chris

Congrats all! I've contacted you all thru email or blogs. Thanks everyone for playing, it was fun!

*There is a recent debate on etsy's forums whether yarn and "knitting supplies" belong in the knitting category or the supply category. I list all of my stitch markers in the "knitting" category-- to me, "knitting" is the process and should include items for the process, not finished items. If you're interested in this, please wander over to this thread and voice your opinion for the etsy admin to hear :) You can also follow a discussion about categories on ravelry's etsy shops forum here as well, or on the etsyFAST forum.

Also speaking of, I was tagged for a new meme by etsyfast member Jean La Rue... I'm going to bend the rules a bit :) I think I've said all I want to say about myself in list form, but here are seven excellent shops administered by etsyFAST members to check out with a link to one of my favorites in their shop (it *is* etsy friday, yall!)

* Ashabee sells gorgeous handpainted yarns and roving, incl. this bump that's sat in my favorites list for forever

* SkiingWeaver has mad weaving skills, and this scarf that I've loved from since finding out she used FearlessFibers' cashmere laceweight in making it

* FeltCafe East & West has taunted me with this gocco machine since I discovered what gocco is

* FatCatKnits has spoken to my orange loving soul with this beauty beauty merino/tencel

* CherylAvenue has taken her felt loving self and made some wonderful felted soaps with surprise toys... for kids or the kid inside :)

* Confections brings out the green eyed monster in me-- spinning fabric strips into yarn is something that's on my too-long wish list

* Lazycats should be definitely be on your etsy checkout stop, because who doesn't need (homegrown, organic catnip filled) amigurumi rats in their lives?! ;)

Miss you, so much!


Alyson said...

Yaaaaayyyyy, thank you!!!

So you still list your stuff in knitting? I've been doing that, but I've noticed my view numbers going down and I wondered if it was just a slowdown or something with me not categorizing my stuff properly....

I should do more with EtsyFAST....I am a very bad EtsyFASTer.

bellamoden said...

I always list knitting in my zillions of tags, because it's the best thing to do. I agree that etsy's categories suck.

Turtle said...

Hi there. Yeah! Thanks so much, i won!! It has been a slow icky week at work so this is a nice suprise!

Lothlorian said...

Oh how do you pick jewelry I look nd look and look and can never choose, I really need som nice jewelry too but can never pick!

Joan said...

You have such a good eye! And I'll try not to be bitter that I didn't win anything last week. :-p

Chris said...

Woo-hoo! Thank you.

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