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Wednesday, August 08, 2007


The past few days have been really unproductive around here as far as work I can show... I frogged the Twisted Flower sock (started a Mona sock in the same yarn, not past the ribbing yet), wrote up, knit and frogged some patterns that just weren't right (heartbreak!), and haven't *done* anything but battle a summer cold, anticipation and my own what-ifs.

I was really productive this weekend spinning-wise, though:

l to r:
llama/merino carded batts (from, 2 oz
non-superwash merino, 4 oz purples
superwash merino, 4 oz yellow/grey from

I really meant it when I said that I was jealous of Alyson's fat yarn skilz. I had been working on the carded llama/merino batts earlier, spinning them from strips taken from the batt (Abby has a great flickr photoset on this, I didn't spin from the fold though) and making a worsted weight 2-ply, but I wanted faster and fatter. The yellow/grey was an ugly duckling braid left over from my last dye session that I decided it was time to practice on-- I managed long draw and some really soft, thick yarn in the process. It isn't even by any stretch, but I was super impressed how fast I could spin by letting go and letting the wheel draft for me. (I was also surprised this was possible with superwash merino, but it was.)

The purple's special, mostly even and bulky and amazingly soft. It is only 4 oz though... enough for a scarf? Not sure. I always overbuy fiber but this time it was only the 4, so... we'll see. I have no idea what to do w/ the yellow, don't really want to do anything with it (is that bad?) The llama/merino is only 2 of 7 oz I have total, and I'm thinking a mittens and a hat set? I don't think it is soft enough for a scarf, though none are blocked yet and it may soften.

Another not so washed out pic:


Even though I haven't been too productive over the past few days, the mailman let me in on the secret I will have to be real soon:



A long awaited order of new freshwater pearls and semiprecious stones arrived, and I'm itching to start updating my shop with new stitch markers over the coming days and weeks. Yay :)


Alison said...

Oooh, pretty pearls and stones. Can't wait to see the markers!

Stacey said...

what about a cute hat/mitt set with the yellow? you can never have enough of those! even as gifts....

the purple you spun is beautiful -the color is so deep and it looks squishy soft!

Avrienne said...

Trying to entice us to your shop with bead pr0n, eh? You sneaky devil, you!

Lori said...

The new yarns look great! I've been trying to get thicker yarn (on purpose) lately too. Must be something in the air... Perhaps you can make a "practice skeins" section of your etsy shop - there's got to be someone out there who would LOVE your "mistakes."
Those strings of pearls are so luxurious looking...

allie said...

Mmmm... those look good enough to eat!

DAWN said...

looking forward to your new additions.

Anonymous said...

Pretty pearls! I love the weird steely gray ones in the top picture!

Anonymous said...

Hmm...are those silver leaf jasper beads I see? Let me just take this opportunity to reserve them all ;).

Anonymous said...


lexa said...

All the catching up on my blog reading... I've been missing so much!

Love the new hand-spun. I so love the colors.

Yarnsnob said...

I have faith that you can finish the Mona sock, I was happy enough to be the test knitter for the pattern and honored that it was named for my long lost IG dog.

Anonymous said...

c 'n w noon.

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