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Friday, August 10, 2007

etsy friday

Already that time?

Vintage Nippon crane stamp pendant from

I love LingGlass' stained glass pendants-- they are insanely well made with vibrantly colored glass. (I've bought a few.) Sometimes Chu Ling uses her amazing soldering skills to make pendants from red packet paper or vintage stamps, and I was lucky to score this one (...because I subscribe to her rss feed! :)) I have a huge soft spot for cranes; like I said before they were a big symbol in my childhood home, and I just love this stamp "framed" like this on my neck.

An aside and not really recommended (but...), I took a m6 shower wearing this and the stamp showed no signs of water damage afterwards. Not recommended, but sometimes you just have to get into a shower right away, so. :)

Now for the "everybody bathes" portion of our program. Seems lots of you dug the soaps from last week, so a few more for you and your loved ones (they shouldn't ever run out of soap and/or toilet paper... I haven't found tp on etsy yet so I make up for it in soap ;))

Soaps from
l to r: coriander blue, midnight blue, black tie

These soaps from Mickey Byrd are nice, dense soaps with little to no fragrance and lots of lather-- perfectly unisex or if you just don't dig bright scents. (Right now, my headcold meant I couldn't smell the pounds of soap a few feet away from me!) They're cold processed as opposed to say glycerin melt and pour soaps, but they still have a certain arty, fancy "look" to them that other cold processes sometimes don't. I think these'd be a great next to the sink bar, as pretty as they are. (I'm using them in the shower, though.)


Soaps from

I know I did Frost Fish Cove Soaps last time, but I really like them (obviously). One of the reasons why is that each soap has a different formulation, not just scent but ingredients. I chose the top pound (one of the "choose your own pound" listings) combination, wanting a set of "scrubby" type soaps (they have scrubby soaps containing ground pumice, non-gmo cornmeal, jojoba beads, crushed vanilla beans, oatmeal... ) I've been switching off between a scrub soap and a "regular" soap in the shower, enjoying the hot, rough echo it leaves on my skin :)

The other pound was found in Tory's sale section-- scents I hadn't tried but want to. I really really REALLY like the way their jasmine soaps smell... those'll definitely be on the reorder list when I need more. I know, like in a million years but still.

11 tiny duck soaps from

So.freaking.cute. There are 11 glycerin duckie soaps here from A Breath of French Air (well, 10-- one's in the bath) for my kid. I don't know about the rest of the families with young ones, but as much as he loves bathing he will scream and fight as if I were practicing Japanese rope bondage on him when I bring up the fact he needs to take a bath. Little things like these help me get him in the shower without a fight, and really are just too cute above and beyond being a baby bribe :)

Fwiw, this soap isn't super lathery like others I've tried... but since he gets the ends of the cold process soaps I use (easier for him to hold) and these are mainly for looks and play, I don't really mind.

I've also tried (and enjoyed!) soaps from and (before I started blogging about etsy purchases, so no pics :))

...and now for something completely different...

Business card envelopes made from Asterix (French) comicbook, by

I love time2cre8. Purchases from my etsy store include thank you gifts and business cards tucked into tiny envelopes, handmade by MaryLou from recycled and damaged books. I had been using atlas envelopes exclusively, but she had seen the Asterix comic book and thought it would be perfect for me and my next envelope order-- obviously she was right :) She's also very sweet, including these cards that reminded her of someone...



More great cards? Easy.

Paper quilted notecards from

I found yarnbee's shop thru the etsy links left in the comments of my last contest-- I'm a sucker for stitching on cards, and these are just great. (My pics of these cards are terrible, check out the shop for better ones.) Fancy papers machine stitched onto notecards, stacked like quilt blocks and showing off the play of colors among them. Nice stuff :)

I always seem to run out of space, so til next time have a good one, and wish me luck finishing a last-minute project :)


Lothlorian said...

your etsy fidays are bad for makes me buy stuff, yesterday I happened to remember about the piddlee bags and well I HAD to have one....and another some other time.

shes a sweetheart isnt she though and asked about a grommet and I could say ys please after seeing your bag, I told her I had seen them here! ;)

maybe I should get my own back and do an etsy monday ;) heehee

Elemmaciltur said...

I second Lothlorian. You know, if I weren't broke, I would go on a splurge for those soaps!

Stacey said...

I'm checking out the Micky Byrd soaps now - love the blue and that they are lightly scented.....yay SPEF (Sock Pron Etsy Friday!)

:-) MaryLou said...

I'm so glad you like your Asterix envelopes, and I'm always on the lookout for something special for your next batch. :-)

BTW, your son is waaaay cuter than the Asterix guy, but there's a distinct resemblance there.

Chris said...

Hmm, I need to cover my eyes while I read your etsy Friday posts. ;)

lexa said...

Thanks for posting more neat stuff! I so look forward to your Etsy Fridays. :)

MissLucy said...

you just made me spend 4 hours and way too much moeny on etsy...if you keep up etsy Friday I'll have to stop reading you blog!! Thanks for sharing you recommendations!

Anonymous said...

I really admire you for your support of Etsy and the artists - good karma practiced comes back to you (I think your shop is doing well!). I look forward to your "show and tells" - what fun enabling. Thanks for the links - always fun stuff! Terry

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