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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Colors and voices

Totally in love with the colors in my recent handspun purple stockinette socks, I broke out the dyepot this weekend and dyed some more "glass" roving (twice-dyed superwash merino). I was still feeling the Ovid and Bulfinch inspiration, so went with that again.

All (except noted) are currently for sale in my etsy shop, zeromarkers.

"glass amphitrite"

"glass daphne"

"glass atalanta"

"glass phaeton"

"glass nyctimene"

"glass ariadne"
(may keep this one, can't capture the color well enough for pictures to sell)

"glass eurydice"

"glass baucis"

"glass philemon"

(baucis and philemon were dyed separately but have similar coloring. baucis has more plum red, while philemon has more royal and overall purples.)

...on a billy the kid note, check out the most recent Stash and Burn podcast if you ever wanted to hear what it sounds like when I say, "uh..." :) Krista did a much better job under the gun, and Jenny and Nicole were really good at keeping it going. (They sound *just* like their podcast, so I must sound like that... as much as I don't think I do. Didn't know rolling on and off the tongue could be so fun :))


Anonymous said...

Oh pretties.

Josiane said...

Lovely stuff!

sheep#100 said...

Love the glass amphitrite. Too bad I am drowning in unspun roving here...

CAT said...

How many ounces did it take to make the beautiful purple socks? On your etsy site, do you sell more than 4 oz bunches of superwash merino roving?

Anonymous said...

you weren't kidding when you said "color-heavy" yesterday.
totally delivered!

Alyson said...





"Thank you!!" *whoosh!*

Anonymous said...

I love the "glass eurydice" especially much. Thank god/too bad I don't spin! Lovely work, as usual!

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh - goooorgeous - you almost make me want to start spinning...almost!

lexa said...

Very pretty! I love glass atalanta and glass phaeton especially, I have that orange thing happening. I'm sure they'll sell fast.

Anonymous said...

I listened to the podcast (liked it), and although I haven't talked with you face-to-face very much, your voice sounds quite a bit higher in pitch on the telephone and somewhat higher in person than it does on that broadcast. There's something about that recording technique that's bringing out the "boom" in your voice.

I don't know if anyone's ever said this to you before, but you have kind of a startling laugh :), there was one point there where I thought you were going to cut loose and I jumped across the room to turn down the speakers. LOL.

If those women spent more time around you, they'd get their sock mojo back, I'm sure of it.

BTW, your ariadne wool here looks otherworldly. I'll bet it's great.

Charles said...

I just heard your interview on SB!
REALLY nice to hear your voice!

Anyway… I just start my“Knitting Video Cast”you can check it out and see what you think about and Comment me!


Anonymous said...

All your work is so lovely, but the last two are absolutely stunning!

Bogie said...

Love the Glass Daphne. But that's no surprise, I'm a sucker for green these days. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Your sister, of all peoplem passed this web site along to me. Be sure to read down to the race part. Reminds me a LOT of a conversation we had at the expo:
: )

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