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Thursday, July 26, 2007

blame it on the weather

For the past two days in my neck of the Bay Area, the overcast sky and misty weather has everyone and everything a little off.

I'm wearing socks with my shoes...


...and my son needs a jacket outside.


I'm playing my milli vanilli card and admitting that I have cast on for a new project...


...and that I have a more than a sweater quantity's worth of yarn heading my way, thanks to the Debbie Bliss sale** at Little Knits.

Hope it holds :)

* pressed amber stitch marker from my etsy shop, will be adding round shapes and more of these nugget shapes later on. you can convo me for a reserved set-- very light even though they're relatively large.

** free shipping to US for orders of +$125, 50% off int'l shipping for orders +$150 with "debbie7" code.


Anonymous said...

Wow! He's grown so much!

Stacey said...

it's been just the opposite here - the triple h's - hazy, hot and humid! love the new bag - it's going to be great in that color!

Lori said...

Ooooo-ooooo! Bad Aija! Bad! When I fall off the yarn-diet wagon (which will be in about, oh, 45 seconds or so) I shall credit you with my bliss... (yes, pun intended.)

Katie said...

It's been quite chilly here as well (Salem OR) - sock weather!

Why are you surprised? You're in Berkeley!

Chris said...

Whoa. It's 94F here right now.

Anonymous said...

Is that the new everlasting bagstopper from Knitty????

Brittany said...

How freaking adorable is your boy?!!?!

Anonymous said...

we have similar keen shoes. i have the mary jane version of the ones you are wearing int he same color.
they are the most comfortable thing i've ever put on my feet. because i have super high arches. yay to keens.

Dave said...

I'll trade you some weather. :-) Still loving the mahogany socks, Dude, what size needles are those? 37?

lexa said...

It's definitely NOT socks and jackets weather here. I had to take the hoodlums and clear off to the beach for the entire afternoon. (My house gets like an oven -- seriously, it's as hot inside as it is outside, and in the evening it's almost always nicer outside. And I have fans going in every room.)

I finally finished my Sockapalooza socks, so now I can start something new. Something socky. For me. :)

Anonymous said...


I am now getting Crystal Palace Baby Georgia bags in Sage and Sahara from Little Knits.


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