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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Yarn contest winners :)

Sorry to make yall wait, got caught up watching killbillvol1... (last time i saw this, i was mucho preggo. when she clutches her empty stomach and cries, i bawled in the theatre...)

Please congratulate the winners, picked with the help of

Sock! by Lisa Souza for Heide (#14)

Sock! Merino by Lisa Souza for Dave (#3)

Yay! I'll shoot off an email to yall later tonite, or email me at oscillateATEgmailD0Tcom -- let me know your color choice and address and I'll usps them out right away :)

Congrats, this was super fun for me. I need to think of another contest now!


A real post later (not much content), but I will say I'm working on an entry for whipup's whiplash project, where they issue a crafty call to the online void looking for a weekend submission to dominate that week's theme.

Theme this week?


Yup. Yarn.

You know you wanna!!!


lexa said...

Congrats to the contest winners! I tried a couple of times to think up lines, but I'm no good at that sort of thing. My mind was a blank each time I tried!

Dave said...

That's too cool - thanks very much! I'll pop you an email with my particulars.

Jason said...

Hey, congratulations to the winners!

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