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Friday, May 12, 2006

A dream (swatch headwrap) deferred, whip up y handspun yarn

Dream Swatch headwrap (PDF!!)
Started: May 10, 2006
Finished: May 11, 2006
Cherry Tree Hill Superglitz (endlot millend from ebay)
US 5 dpn's, 2
Used 50 gm total



I'm in love with my IK headband, and thought I'd ride high with a new head thing when I saw Wendy's blog post and free (PDF!!) pattern... I picked the wrong yarn :) I don't have anything super luxe in the stash as this sort of thing deserves, and I think it must have been a fog in my brain that said that yellow brown purple red green and glitter would come together and look great on me... :)

Needless to say I hate it, but eh, what can you do. I'll try the pattern out again when I have a great yarn to do it in... I don't like the color(s), basically; the yellow really makes my own yellow (1/2 japanese) undertones cry for mercy. The superwash is a little much too, I'm thinking it'd be warm if it ever made it outside.

The Cherry Tree Hill Super Glitz is a sneezing cousin of the CTH Supersock... seems like they only have a granduncle superwash in common. I found it splitty, which is a shame since the pattern can be eyes-free-- and the hand, while not scratchy or hard, left something to be desired (could be cos I set down Hedera to work on this, could be that a strand of glitter isn't the softest thing in the world!) It did wash/block into a softer fabric than the pre-blocked fabric, and I wouldn't hesitate to use it for socks. I have a lot more of the super glitz that I'll eventually work into socks, and don't have a real complaint about it except the splittiness.

I started the whip up whiplash project I blurbed about-- while its in progress I don't have any real shots, but I did want to show off a few...

The yarn is from SantaCruzHandspun ... and I love it. :) Isn't it beautiful? I think I'm going to be super pleased with the result, and gosh darn it if I don't visit Grace's retail site daily to see if there is any more new yarn...

Speaking of new yarn, heading off to Imagiknit in SF this weekend for their annual sale, 200 yarns at up to 30% off... haven't been before, but it seems like I could do some serious damage there. So much so that I am going to abstain from joining the Sundara sock yarn club, the Posh Yarks UK sock yarn club (cashmere/merino! eek!!) and even the re-opened Blue Moon Fiber Arts Rockin' Sock club (that gets you one less skein than the members who signed up for the annual plan get, but you pay the same price they did)... To tell the truth, I'm waiting for BMFA to launch their "real" site and then I'll go shopping there-- I want to see their colorways, and don't want to google around trying to find them all. I know, I can (a few favorites from blog browsing-- banded agate; hard rock; azurite... plus all the eye candy from The Fold-- seal rock, amber waves, mesa, sedona, seastone, lucy in the sky... and even a few listed on BMFA-- carbon dating, alina...) but I'm one of those have-to-see-it-all-to-decide truly irritating shoppers who can't make a decision and has to see everything that's possibly available before finding peace in my choices... (I'm going to be a terror @ imagiknit, I know...)

Off to my whipup project. I hope I'm not the only knitter who enters :)


lexa said...

Have fun at the sale! There's never anything like that around here where I live. I brought some store yarn home to make a tank top for display. It's knit with Patons Brilliant. We've sold some, but not a lot. This will be my first time using it, and by the looks of it it's going to be splitty! It has a sparkle in it, too. I think it will be a nice top if I can suffer through it!

I won some Lorna's Laces on eBay. They have some more, and I may order two or three more skeins - shipping is the same. May as well take advantage, I guess!

Anonymous said...

Oooh that SantaCruz yarn is beautiful, such smooth color transitions! Take lots of pics of your purchases from the sale (drooling over here on the East coast).

Grace said...

Ooo!! Even better than I imagined!! (is it totally lame of me to be excited about my own yarn? too late.) =)

I'm knee-deep in baby acrylic for a while, but can't wait to get back to spinning.

HPNY KNITS said...

fab colors of the secret project.
I also submitted to Whiplash.

Elspeth said...

I *love* Imagiknit! I wish I had money to go shopping, they literally have every yarn you wish you could see in person! Have a great time!

Anonymous said...

*sigh* I ripped out the lace. I just couldn't get past that early mistake. I'm not working with lifelines. I never have before, and I'm not exactly sure how you do it. It's not easy dealing with a million yarnovers on laceweight.
I think your CTH dreamswatch headwrap is great. I like the colors and the glitz. Anything with sparkles. :)

Coleen said...

I love that Santa Cruz yarn. It looks like it is knitting up so nicely. Great colors!

And I like the colors in the headwrap too.

Stacey said...

That yarn is so pretty! The headband is kinda funky - the yellow makes it pop!

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