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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Molly's Headband finished

(Sock yarn contest?! Look here...)


Molly's Headband (PDF!!)

(available for free download from Interweave Knits Summer 2006)
Started & finished: May 7, 2006
Crystal Palace Creme (50% wool, 50% silk, dk weight)
US 6 dpns, 2
Used 20 gm of 50 gm hank

Hard to take a pic of your own top of the head.

Quickie FO... Cast on last night/early AM watching Kung Fu Hustle (I love movies like this! In the same vein as Gabriel Garcia Marquez love... why do American movies with CGI use their graphics only to extend the world of super reality-realism? I liked Shaolin Soccer better though...). I only used 20 gm, so I have enough to make another :) Though I only have one head :(

This is pretty cool of Interweave Knits to offer so many online patterns for free, and not just for subscribers-- though it chimes in perfectly with the editor's letter from last issue about the Sunrise Circle jacket (PDF!!) being online and the competition the print mag necessarily faces in regards to space and what it can offer (specifically in reference to online knitting mags like Knitty or MagKnits that have "unlimited" space to offer patterns, etc.)

Sorta segue... Amy (knitty's editor) is asking for your choice of the top 5 knitty patterns of all time... what a chore! I picked mariah, clapotis, obey/andre, pomatomus and anouk... and a special wow shoutout to the hoover blanket article. They're all that kinda wowed me when I saw them... I couldn't decide btw mariah & starsky, but the rest were ones I just was like-- yeah, *that* one. Its interesting poking thru the knitty archives, lots of stuff I'd seen before but hadn't considered, but now am-- and others I loved before but don't do much for me now. Eh, as life.

Back to the free IK stuff, I haven't looked closely at the Priscilla Gibson-Roberts bazaar kids socks (PDF!!) *yet*, but I'm hoping they include a version of her short row heel & toe (which is my favorite short row heel/toe-- short row + wrap shudders into looseygooseyness and holey purl pickups when it comes within 5 feet of me...), I think everyone who hates short row heels/toes should look at PGR's method and try it out (I learned from her book Simple Socks: Plain and Fancy). The kids bazaar socks are so cute too, I'm thinking I'll dye some small bits of yarn in solids and make mini me a pair-- I ordered some superwash from Wool2Dye4 for the Dye O Rama swap, *and* I've heard from my swap buddy (hi! if you're out there!) too... too fun. I think its pretty rad that the person I'm dying for asked for pretty much the opposite of what I wanted... kinda the point perhaps, stretch our limits?

I was going to buy the new Kona Superwash in lightweight from Henry's Attic for the swap, but after talking to Stacey and with the Wool2Dye4 peoples (who are great sellers, btw-- super communication)... it doesn't sound like tis great for socks-- too loose a twist. Bummer since the price is great ($11/8 oz) and I do so like the "regular" Kona Superwash... Oh well.

I've been meaning to post this too, Stacey asked about the Openwork Slip Stitch pattern from my Warming Grace squares-- almost all of the stitch patterns were from Mon Tricot's 1500 patterns book, June 1985 edition.

Openwork slip stitch:
Mult of 4 + selv.

Row 1: K
Row 2: *P4, wrn to m 1*
Row 3: *Letting the "made" st of the previous row drop, wl.fwd to m1, sl1, k3, psso*
Row 4: P

wrn= wool or yarn round needle
wl.fwd= wool forward or yarn forward

To make this a totally non sequitur post... I started knitting Hedera in Cherry Tree Hill Supersock... now at the heels and what a fun pattern! :) More pics and talk of Hedera later/tomorrow?, the sun is shining and it will be a long rest of the day ahead...


lexa said...

Can't wait to see your pics of Hedra! I wanted to make a pair of those for myself really, really soon, but I have to finish some Mother's Day socks first, and I've got some kids socks to make for the store. Think I'll start mine within the next week or so, plus I also want to make my Yukon Leaves and practice short-row heels (again!)!

Jerry & Maxy said...

The headband is lovely. Great color choice - the lace stands out against your dark, silky hair. Very pretty. And very quick! :)

HPNY KNITS said...

Headband looks like a fun satisfying project! thanks for the kids bazaar socks. I want some for me too, not just for the kid...

Bridget said...

Ack! Even pictures of your own head come out looking artistic! Very pretty headband. I want to do the Hedra's soon so I'll look forward to your report and photos.

Elspeth said...

The headband is great! I could make a list of my 5 worst Knitty patterns, or maybe more ;)

That's not good news about the Henry's Attic. Glad I didn't order it already.

Jason said...

Holy cow! You are always full of info. I absolutely love it! :-)

That headband looks gorgeous on you!

Annie said...

Love the headband! And can't wait to see Hedera. :-)

Stacey said...

Thank you thank you!! :)

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