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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Basketcase Socks finished, come welcome the twins...

(Sock yarn contest? Look here...)


Basketcase socks
Started April 28, 2006
Finished May 3, 2006
Henry's Attic Kona Superwash, dyed with easter egg dyes
US 2 dpns (2.75mm), set of 4
120 gm yarn total

The one on the left is Belial, the one on the right-- Duane.

I dig the pattern, and as always love the Kona Superwash... though I'm not sold on the color combination here. (I outlined what I did to get these colors and stripes in this post.) The stripes didn't get too lost in the pattern stitch, either.

I followed the pattern exactly, except continued the pattern across all 30 sts on the instep where Dave used 18. (I meant to follow the pattern...!) My 30 st instep pattern worked out like this:

row 1 & 2: k2, p2, (k10, p2) twice, k2
row 3 & 4: k2, p2, (k2, p6, k2, p2) twice, k2
row 5 & 6: k2, p2, (k10, p2) twice, k2
row 7 & 8: k8, p2, k10, p2, k8
row 9 & 10: (p6, k2, p2, k2) twice, p6
row 11 & 12: k8, p2, k 10, p2, k8

The socks weighed in at 120 grams exactly, cutting it super close except that I dyed this batch in 4.5oz increments-- given my ability to cut it way too close (or not at all) with the Kona. The cuff is about 7" long (including the 2" k2, p2 rib at the top)... you can keep the cuff shorter by cutting the ribbing at the top down if you're worried about running out of yarn-- the pattern is stretchy enough to keep the sock up on the leg no problem. (Fwiw, I have a 9-9.5 women's foot). I like the look of the 2" rib at the top though, its unusual.

I did wonder if I really *did* use less yarn using combined knitting for the purl stitches... a cheapskate way to save yarn? :) I am happy with the result though, and will defintely use it again for ribbing-- either in the round or not.

I'm trying to convince myself to pick up the entrelac socks again... I realize I didn't cast on the top loosely enough and since its a long cuff, its a bit tight at the calf. I'd really hate to frog them for all the work that has gone into them already... Ergh.

I really really like the look of the the Broken Cable Rib socks from the Interweave Knits subscriber section... they didn't really stand out to me til I saw them knit up on Knitting the Blues and was super impressed how they turned out in the lighter yarn-- the broken cable pattern really stands out. If I knit them, it'll be on 2 circs to combat second sock syndrome... I'm thinking cherry tree hill supersock or nature's palette-- don't know if I have enough NP to make it though-- the pattern calls for Regia Fadig 4 ply, 230yd/50 gm... the Hand Jive Nature's Palette yarn is 185 yd/50gm... I think they'd look great in the light purple NP I brought back from the Knit and Crochet Show, though... maybe I'll push it or work a short row heel (I've been wondering if they do use much less yarn than flap heels do?)... don't really want a contrasting heel/toe though.

I also want to knit Hedera, but the yarn I'll use (Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in a green colorway) still has beads on it... I frogged the beaded Glad Ragg sock from the Yahoo Six Sox Knitalong group, and for some reason I haaate dragging the beads across the yarn so just haven't done it. Cara said she beaded her amazing Diamond Fantasy Shawl using a crochet hook instead of prestringing... which would open up like a world of possibilties, don't you think?

New socks, or old socks... next time :)


HPNY KNITS said...

love love love those basketcase!! it is super inspiring. I like the Entrelac idea, but maybe in a more inspired yarn? Too bad Noro does not have sock yarn. you have some fab stash to pick from.

sheep#100 said...


Shelley L. MacKenzie said...

The socks look great (I like the colour too)! I just love that pattern.

Rachel said...

The socks look great! I love the way the Paas yarn turned out!

Dave said...

Your socks look wonderful ... thanks for knitting them up. It's nice to see them in other yarns. But dude, you name your socks?

Purpley cabley socks sound yummy :-)

lexa said...

Very nice! Very nice! You always end up with beautiful socks! Can't wait to see more! You know just how to pick the right color/yarn/pattern combinations. Visiting your site is always an inspiration! :)

Jerry & Maxy said...

Great looking socks! I'm impressed with the vibrant colors and how the stripes didn't get lost in the basketweave. Yummy.

Old or new, either way it'll be a good knit :)

Heide said...

I LOVE your twn socks! How did you come up with the names?

b1-66er said...


Bridget said...

I'm really impressed with how well your hand dyed stripes came out!

Stacey Rothchild said...

I printed out that Basket Case pattern after I saw how it was knitting up! I love it with the stripes - different! I can't wait to get some dyes this weekend and divvy up my HA cone!

MsFortuknit said...

those are adorable! I love that heel!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the tip about the Addis and for your kind words about my socks. I love your blog and find your sock knitting inspiring. I find short-row heels challenging and though they're getting better, I'm always looking for a better method. Do you have a favorite heel?

Anonymous said...

I love the basketcase socks! The colors are great. I'm always a fan of crazy colors.

Anonymous said...

Those socks look great, I love the pretty colorways you're getting with the egg dyes! And that light purple NP would be wonderful for those IK socks, really nice pattern.

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