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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Knitting mail call, or How I Still Haven't Finished My Socks.

Hubris plays out in such ugly ways, sometimes. Instead of boasting I could finish my socks in a span of 4 days, I should have just shut up and plugged along, happy with what I could manage. Cos I've been struck with the baby's bug and am no where done...

Baby cable rib socks in progress
Socks that rock, carbon colorway (from blue moon fiber arts)

Part of the problem, aside from the fog of war in my head, is I have still been mulling over what kinds of patterns would be great for the Socks That Rock yarns-- given their stripey goodness. I haven't got much of anywhere yet, but here's a little swatchplay.

Socks that rock yarn, velvet moon colorway -- BMFA

And my mailman let out a sigh of relief this morning when I opened the door, not because I was wearing pants but cos he didn't have to come back with the four (knitting) packages that were weighing him down... A few pics to follow, to try and keep me from buying more yarn (even though Allison from Simply Sock Yarn just added new Opal, Lily chin dk, and regia to her sale yarns section AND has some of the new Interlacements Tiny Toes in stock!!)

Knit Picks Wool of the Andes.
1st column, top to bottom: mulled wine, red, hollyberry, maple syrup
2nd column, top to bottom: pumpkin, hush, blue bonnet, avocado
3rd column: daffodil, chambray, fog

I have coal and mist on backorder... I bought these to make a cadre of toys for my boogerbear from Jess Hutchison's Unusual toys for you to knit and enjoy. I didn't have any color mixes in mind, just kinda went thru and added a bunch of colors to my basket, hoping they'd make fun toys :) Knit Picks is out of several color cards til July (!!) so I just bit the bullet and guessed I'd like the ones I chose. I'm not a big fan of the red, maple syrup and the blue bonnet, and I think that "hush" is the prettiest of all. I'm not as crazy about pumpkin here as I am in the pumpkin Essential sock yarn I received (below). I'm also pleased with the feel of the yarn (at least in the balls), I've never bought WOTA before and was worried it'd be scratchy or unwearble, but its not. Not as fine as the Merino Style, but still nice and sometimes you just need a worsted yarn and big needles (anything over US 4 is *big* for me these days, it seems!)

Knit Picks Sierra in Cranberry

For Starsky in Winter Knitty 2005. I'm glad I went with the cranberry; when I originally ordered the yarn, I went with lettuce-- thinking I needed a bright sweater for spring (its cold here in spring!) I kept doubting it, so I changed it to grape, and then decided I was mad if I thought I could pull that color off... so finally changed it to cranberry and made myself leave the house before I could change it again.

I think I over ordered, I only need 12 skeins for the L size, but ordered 14?

Knit Picks Essential in Pumpkin

I'm the most surprised by the essential sock yarn... I added it *just to see* since I'd not used it before and $6 for a pair of socks is pretty rockstar-- it is really nice, at least here on the skein. So much so I logged onto knitpicks and was going to order more colorways (what if they discontinue it? eek!) but talked myself down. It's quite thin, thinner than the lorna's laces shepherd sock (231 yd vs 215)-- I can't imagine why KP would put a US 1-3 needle recommendation on the label though; sure US 1's, but 3's? I guess I'm always a bit irked that sock yarn vendors use suggested needle sizes for non-sock garments... I also knit my socks pretty tightly, so my needle size always ends up smaller than suggested. (So I'll be quiet since I like the yarn :))

Kookaburra wool wash

I'm going to gear up for handwashing. Uh, maybe. :) And I think I'm mad for liking the sharp tea tree smell a lot! stitch markers

Adorable stitch markers from China arrived today-- l to right: Chubby sumo kitty, blue whale, purple pig, mini purple chysanthemum kitty, blue hippo, green penguin, black cloisonne angelfish. Boye aluminum d-3 3.25mm crochet hook for comparison.

Vogue Knitting American Collection

which contains...

Lily Chin Reversible Rib Shawl in Vogue Knitting American Collection (also published in Vogue Knitting Winter 1999/2000 magazine). I think one of the projects for my Fleece Artist Kasula will be this shawl... but that's a bit off in time :) I think I'll also make it scarf size, or cut down on the repeats as the Kasula is heavier than the suggested yarn (filatura di crosa/takhi stacy charles "butterfly" -- 1.75oz/50gm -- 192yd/177m).

Reminder to self: Little sock knitter that could has to finish the baby cable rib socks before she casts on for Starsky!!


Bridget said...

I love your pictures, they are so clear. Your socks are looking great and the Reversible Rib Shawl looks like it would be wonderful in fleece artist. It is a lovely pattern. BTW, thanks for showing me another STR color that I want! I have a couple skeins on order that I'm waiting impatiently for. I better get to work on my carbons!

Anonymous said...

I love the detail on STR. I still have yet to try it. Don't you love it when you get yarn in the mail? I use the same wool wash, too.

The Reversible Rib Shawl is one of my current WIPs. I love doing cables, but the ribbed cables on these are a pain with Kidsilk Haze (perhaps since there are so many stitches to cross for the cable)!

Rain said...

*Grin* I want to make Starsky too, but am forcing myself to finish other projects first. You picked lovely yarn for it.

What great parcels full of knitterly goodness. That lot should keep you busy for a while.

lexa said...

I agree with bnc - you always have lovely pictures! I do like a blog with pictures (as you can tell by mine!). I love your stitch markers. All I have are some little crappy red, white, and blue plastic things. So I just ordered six from the link on your blog! I do wish they weren't sold out of the blown glass penguins. Oh, well. Maybe next time!

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, stitch markers. Me likey.

Jerry & Maxy said...

OOOOOoooooh, I just LOVE all the divine yarn!!!! I'm really looking forward to seeing all your projects. Those socks do rock!

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