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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Baby Cable Rib socks in Socks That Rock mediumweight started

Baby Cable Rib socks from Sensational Knitted Socks, started 3/2/06
Socks That Rock, medium weight -- Carbon colorway
Addi 1.5's (2.5mm) -- 2 socks on 2 circs

I swatched the socks that rock and got 6.5sts/inch on my Addi 3.0mm and 7 sts/inch on 2.5-- so I went with the US 1.5's/2.5mm for these socks. I CO 64 sts (for those interested in the pooling/flashing/striping effects of the STR)... I think I've knit quite a bit for being dead sick since Friday; I really enjoy knitting with this yarn.

So much so I went to hem and haw over the Rockin' Sock Club (again)... but they're closed for new "applicants." Just as well :) I actually am quite curious about the patterns they intend to offer for their club, especially now that I've knit with it. Their yarn looks to almost always stripe and flash (which I like, I've always been a stripe and flash kinda girl)... but its hard to imagine what types of patterns will really take advantage of that. Jaywalkers did of course, manipulation of the stripes. I chose this simple 2x2 rib to show off the striping (not mask it), but any sort of "real" cabling will likely be obscured by the yarn (unless its a lighter one?)... and any lace work seems always to be lost in any handpainted yarn. The stripes are so thick that slip stitches prolly won't break up the color enough to be noticed (my heel is the traditional *k1, sl1* with a garter border, just a heel though; a regular sock pattern would be wider of course, but still would look like "regular" handpainted yarn to me, with inches of color repeats instead of rounds... I prefer the STR striping myself). They had some great fair isle socks on display at Stitches West (the same ones you see at The Fold's site), but they'd need 2 skeins-- hey! Now *that* would be cool, sending 2 1/2 weight skeins and a fair isle pattern.

I will be buying more STR, likely when they update their webpage with more colorways-- I hate hearing there are so many that aren't shown, what if there's one that's *me* and I don't know it exists? :) I saw one that's right up my alley-- Fred Flintstone... of *course* its orange!! That is so on my order, if and when I make one :) I have such a soft spot for orange yarn, its weird. I'd die and go to STR heaven if they had a light grey/silver, orange and blue mix... die and go somewhere for breaking my no-yarn goal anyways :)

Prolly not in the near future, since I went thru my stash again as boogerbear is also sick and in baby cold medicine dreamland-- retook the stash photos and broke out my new handy dandy digital scale to weigh my odds and ends and keep track of how much is actually there. So now I don't have to be so ashamed of the quality of the photos in my "stash" album on flickr, just the fact that Ozymandias weighs more than my kid. A LOT more.

Back to the socks... I think I'll have them done by Sunday, phlegm willing.


lexa said...

Can't wait to see your finished STR! They are turning out beautifully.

I know what you mean about sickliness. Hoodlum #1 brought a cold home from school, who lovingly passed it on to Hoodlum #2, then to me, then to Pa. We're an entire house of sicklies. Since he started school it's a never-ending thing!

I have a soft spot it seems for orange as well. I have three skeins of hand-painted sock yarn coming from eBay. One is a gorgeous orangey skein I plan on making Wyverns with. The other two are hot pink and a hot purple, one of which will be Sockapalooza socks. (Had to buy both - couldn't make up my mind!)

Knittypants said...

What a beautiful blog! Your pictures are gorgeous, I am drooling over the lovely yarns. I will definitely be back to drool some more.

Bridget said...

I love these socks so much and had come into some STR Carbon yesterday. I searched to see how it looked knit up and came across your socks. They looked so good I am doing the baby cable rib with mine also! Thanks for the insperation and hope you don't mind me being a copy cat :D

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