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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

summer fruit


Still stroking my love affair with dyeing superwash merino :) I'll have all 10 for sale in my shop tomorrow at noon pacstandard ($15/4 oz each). As always, if you see an individual one on my flickr stream before then you want me to reserve, just let me know.

Til then! If you can't wait, I've listed 2 separate batches of merino fleece that I scoured AND dyed in lock formation... perfect for starting your fiber prep adventures with :)




Anonymous said...

Evil temptress!

lexa said...

That just makes me want to learn how to spin!

Julia Zahle said...

I feel like buying all of them. But I am a student (with too many years left to study in). With two children.


madonnaearth said...

Your colors are awesome!!! Great job!

adrienne said...

Such pretty colours!

Rebekkah said...

Would you mind sharing your techniques for dyeing fine locks? I've seen a few different methods for dyeing more sturdy locks that don't felt as easily, and are more likely to retail lock formation when wet. But I'm really curious about what you do to get such great results with a fine fleece!

(I may have 2.5 pounds of brilliant white cormo locks that will need dyeing before I lash them on the combs. They're so beautiful and perfect now that I'm afraid to plunge them into hot water again! I'm such a chicken, but it's my first cormo fleece. ;-)

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