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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Everything's halfway done 'round here (glass half full?)

warp: Tactile Fiber Arts superwash merino/tencel, "orchid"
weft: Hand Jive Knits' Nature's Palette, "odd duck 5"

This wrap has been done longer than it took to weave... I want to do something different (read: not overhand knots) to finish the edges but can't decide, so it's just been sitting around waiting to be fulled for almost a week. Really pretty though-- I think once done the tencel blend from Tactile will shine-shine and the Nature's Palette will puff up even more.


I've been almostthere with the "Sunny Side Up" merino/silk from A Verb for Keeping Warm for what seems like ages-- usually I don't want such a fun color to be over, but I was hoping to have something finished to wear to Keep the Fleece/Sheep to Scarf this weekend. Admittedly all my fault (again), I got sidetracked playing Jenga with fleece.


Very little makes me as happy fiberwise as arranging locks for washing when the fleece is as greasy and willing as this one. From Whitefish Bay Farm, "Velveeta."


Buying a fleece from Whitefish Bay Farm is a crazy ordering experience-- they publish their list of available fleeces (no photos) and a time they will start taking orders, and its off to the races. I was hitting redial on the phone for an hour and half trying to order (just!) one, and didn't get my first, second, or even third choice. Crazy thing is, I am always super pleased with what I do end up with. Maybe cos both times, the lamb fleeces from WFB were some sort of magic and shifted color midstaple.


Halfway indeed :)

Miss you, only thing more than half.


Maia said...

The wrap is beautiful! Maybe you could braid the warp ends.

Velveeta is delicious! Makes my heart go pitter-patter!

knottygnome said...

my fleece does the same thing. i got vinca. i love the heathered natural colors you get from it.

Jody said...

God thats beautiful fleece. I have a long staples grey alpaca fleece that has a two colour staple.

Aimee said...

Oh, that is a glorious fleece. I didn't let myself order from them this year--but I am finally processing and mooning over last year's fleece.

Ann said...

Gorgeous fleece.

Anonymous said...

That is the most gorgeous fleece. I'm appreciating it from afar! ;) Dee

Minou14 said...

I'm going to Whitefish Bay Farm tomorrow. I'll be sure to say hello to the sheep for you. :) That's a gorgeous fleece! I'm very envious.

vanessa said...

those are some seriously gorgeous locks!

madonnaearth said...

That is such gorgeous fleece and fiber! No wonder you're halfway on all of them. They are beautiful! What are you thinking of making with the orange fluff?

I still have no desire whatsoever to work with raw fleece, but your pictures of the velveeta make me want to buy some!

I don't heart the smell of hot, wet wool either. I don't think anyone warns you what it smells like during the dyeing process.

Kathryn said...

Everything looks good, as always! I always love seeing your fleeces & what you do with them (that post a while ago with your fleece closet made me feel a lot better about the two fleeces I bought last year but didn't get to until now). Every year at shearing time, I am forced to get some of my fleece love vicariously through blogs, like yours... all the gratification of lovely before and after pics, without any work!

Anonymous said...

Velveeta sure does look yummy. Talk about comfort-fiber!

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