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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

on and off

One of the best things about coming home from a trip* is the mail that's been piling up while you've been away. Who wouldn't love to find this beauty waiting with open arms? :)

Bosworth Midi spindle, .98oz in Bird's Eye Maple

Amelia at The Bellwether was kind enough to give us who haunt her Ravelry forum a heads up-- there were not going to be any more Bossies available for purchase from retailers (direct buy only from Journey Wheel), so if we wanted one we should speak up NOW before she sells out her remaining inventory to classes she teaches :) I love the tiny red cedar one so much that I know I'll love this too.

I'm sure spinning this month's Verb ultra fiber club shipment on it won't hurt with that, either...

Roman Numeral

So pretty. The spaced out dyeing has me thinking I'll try for some striped yarn when I get to spinning it-- I love when colors work together like this.

Also love this...

Handdyed Banana fiber from Blonde Chicken Boutique, 4 oz in "Leaf"

I had *so* much fun handcarding the polwarth/silk that when I saw Tara's banana fiber for sale in her shop I immediately thought of the possibility of blending it with a little naturally grey wool for an artier, bulkier, Spring-has-Sprung type yarn. Her post on the "eco-worthiness" of bamboo and soy in spinning fiber/yarn is an interesting, related read too.

I did manage a little fiber time when I was away, thanks to Tactile's Superwash BFL and my 2 newest spindles...



I slid both cops off onto drinking straws like before and plied them on the wheel when I got back...


...ending up with 3.5oz and 400 yd of sock yarn. It looks bigger than it is against my new HP Mini--

(Bosworth Midi spindle, not coke zero for scale!)

The HP Mini is a really adorable machine, perfect for browsing the web around the way since *my other portable networking device has gone on the haywire.* I opted for the solid state drive, not the hdd since I plan to carry it around a lot and don't want any parts knocking about inside. I also found out that Jetflash's T3K media is the same as HP's "mini mobile drive"-- half off HP's pricing and I can increase the drivespace by 50% (more when I add in a SDHC card... both are flush with the machine when inserted in their respective slots-- nice and no breaking off.) I'm going to take it with on my next roadtrip-- that I'm leaving for in about 24 hours!! A lot of movement lately for a sedentary creature like me. When I get back in two weeks I expect to have some socks to share (with all the driving ahead)... and probably a fleece or two will be waiting as well :) Unboxing at its best.

Back soon!

*another plus of family trips-- old pics to share :)



lexa said...

Love the childhood photo! Have fun on the trip, looking forward to the socks and whatever is awaiting you for fibery mail upon your return. :)

Anonymous said...

I love my Bosworths. :) I don't drop spindle spin, or spin at all really, as much as I should. I'm going to remedy that soon.

Kristine said...

LOVE the Bosworth. The other day, I was in the lobby of Wells Fargo, waiting. I noticed that the fake wood laminate they used was made to resemble birdseye maple. Felt like a big dork for noticing such a thing - and knowing that spindles are the reason for such knowledge.

Lacefreak said...

Your Bosworth is really lovely. I am slowly getting better with spindles and may have to put in an order for a few of those :-) Your yarn looked terrific!

Tracey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tracey said...

( posting again as I can't spell enough to make
I spin by wheel but your spindles are so pretty I might have to start a collection just to look at.
Love your sock yarn, it looks so soft.

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm experiencing some serious spindle envy now! They're all beautiful. I'm off to a fibre festival soon and hope to pick up a new spindle there....

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