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Monday, January 19, 2009

this is why i wanted to spin in the first place




Dyeing, spinning, and knitting a pair of socks for someone who gets it and gets as excited in receiving as I do in giving.

Gentleman's Fancy Sock stitch pattern, toe up PGR style with a short row heel...


...and a non-patterned sole that won't quit.



(Almost as much!)


Stacey said...

oooh - that is the perfect pattern for handspun!!! The color is beautiful and you make such pretty short row heels!

bockstark.knits said...

drooooooooool! gorgeous!

lexa said...

Love 'em! Gorgeous!

Nadia said...

Great yarn with a great pattern!

Sarah said...

Nice. Those are some lovely, to be loved socks.

Also, love the combing post!

Kristine said...

lovely - squishy goodness.

Lea said...

this keeps me inspired to keep going with my learning to spin attempt.

Anonymous said...

Those are some hot socks. And your PGR heels are super-sexy in a knitterly sort of way. Mine are always full of holes. I'm jealous.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I love how different fiber can look from the yarn it makes.

sgeddes said...


That is the best reason to spin!

b1-66er said...

i have a long, lost friend from high school that I've just recently re-connected with, she's a knitter. i asked her for a pair of knit sox for xmas.

i was wearing these exact sox at her place the other day and she took EXTREME interest in them.

"these are REALLY good! do you have any idea how good these are?" (asked in the obvious voice of someone who's thinking 'you have no idea how good these sox are.'}

"i have some idea how good they are ... i know something about knitting, but haven't really looked at it since perl quit talking to me."

turns out they're really good. so good, in fact, that she's no longer knitting hers for me ... which means that the mere CONCEPT of aija continues to blow a hole through my life ...

in other news, I've been sick since just before you started working at the buddah. after years of prodding, poking and examining, they've got a diagnosis: adult onset MS. incurable, degrading. right this second, i physically can't write or run and I've lost my sense of spatial orientation. i'm 3x a week i'm taking self-injections that feel exactly like getting hit by a mis-fielded baseball in elementary school. they won't make me better, but there's a 35% chance i won't get worse.

merry Christmas.

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