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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Rigid heddle weaving on a Schacht Flip the Folding Loom

I've been dancing around buying a rigid heddle loom and finally succumbed to the 25" Schacht Flip folding loom. Mind you, aside from weaving on a weave it I'd never touched a loom before, nor seen the one I wanted in person. If you're thinking about the twentyfive incher, it's big. With a 7"+ scarf in progress...


Okay, instead of a coke zero can for scale, how about my Schacht Matchless?


Coolest thing about this picture? My Matchless is 20 years old, and made from the same wood as my new-to-me Flip. Excited thinking it'll honeypot up over the years :)

As with each of my tools it seems, I bought it gently used with the stand. I wasn't planning on buying the stand, but am glad I did-- the loom, like I said, is huge! It really would be unwieldy on my lap leaning against a table's edge, and takes up more than half of my already-taxed dining room table. I thought to myself that I really would like the Flip, one of the reasons being I could fold it to put it away. Honestly I haven't in the week it's been here-- the loom's attached to the stand by four screws, two of which need a screwdriver (read: I'm lazy) and I'd still need a place to store the stand. So, it's been out and about, enjoying the living room instead.

For the size, perhaps if I saw it in person I'd have bought the 20" size instead. No matter... I've already found a creative way to use the length up (for a later post). I really do like the loom, no matter the length. Like I said, I was looking (erroneously?) for a folding version, and was torn between the Flip and the Kromski Harp. Initially I wanted the Flip, just for my happy relationship with my Matchless and the whole made in the USA thing... but I did ask opinions on Ravelry and got several good answers about the differences, including a link to a very helpful blog post side-by-siding the nonfolding Schacht + the Flip. Finding this one used sealed the deal for me, and I'm glad I went with my gut.

I love it. (Did I say that already?)

Sheep and Wool Co. Plain and Fancy Sport, "Fall Foliage"
(a gift from Margene I'd been hoarding!)

used and warp and weft

for a scarf.
7" wide, 6'+ long not incl. fringe (76 ends, 10dpi reed)

leftover waste, reminiscent of that shaving time

I immediately warped (using the direct warping method, no need to fear warping time w/ a RH loom) after cutting that one off...

Regia Bamboo, another gift! from retroknit

detail of fabric

another scarf. 7.5", 6'+ excluding fringe
(80 ends, 8 rpi, 10 dpi reed)

I love woven scarves so much. Too much. Committing stuff white people like atrocities like scarf + tshirt much. They're just different from handknit scarves-- thinner, not squishy, have a body and hand that wants to stand and be molded. Oh, did I mention they took me about 2 days each?


I'm really enjoying the loom though. It's very plug and play-- with a single copy of Hand on: Rigid Heddle Weaving (only reading the first chapter ;) I was impatient!) I was able to crank these, plus more, out. Weaving won't replace knitting for me, though-- it's not portable, limited in fabric shaping and items able to be made. Still, there are a lot of exciting options out there with a rigid heddle-- using pickup sticks to create patterns like in Textures and Patterns for the Rigid Heddle Loom, or patterns with more than one heddle like in The Xenakis Technique I don't see myself outgrowing the rigid heddle anytime soon.

If you're in the Bay Area/East Bay, both A Verb for Keeping Warm and Article Pract can order the Flip looms for you :)

Off to warp for some more scarves :)

ps... Schacht is doing so well with their folding rigid heddle Flip version that they're discontinuing the 25" non-folding model... so there are a few retailers out there discounting them for sale (from $199 to $140-159-- here's one, here's another, here's one on SF craigslist with a stand...). It doesn't fold, isn't equipped with the second heddle block standard, a few other changes (Schacht can tell you exactly the differences), but still-- buying it + a stand at $160 would be $300-320, $35-55 more than the 25" flip with no stand. I might have gone this way had I realized I wouldn't be folding Flip up much as it is :)


Adrienne said...

Ooh, the scarves look great! I have deep, dark plans for most of my sock yarn stash and it doesn't involve tubular knitting for the feet!

I've been eyeing the new Schacht Cricket for the second portable loom (to take to work, as the 16" harp is a bit cumbersome). I'm so glad you got bit by the weaving bug!

I just got "Weaving Made Easy" yesterday, and it's a great book for simple projects for the RH loom. Might want to take a peek at it. :)

Emily said...

Love those scarves!

Elena said...

Wow, those are really lovely woven scarves!

bockstark.knits said...

Damn, I never thought I would want a loom so freaking bad. Those scarves are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

The scarves are amazingly beautiful. I especially like the colours!

Alison said...

Beautiful scarves! The colors are beautiful.

I recently got a Schacht Mighty Wolf which I am absolutely in love with! I've been making towels, but I have tons of sock yarn and laceweight (lots of alpaca silk from Webs) that I plan to use for scarves.

adrienne said...

Awesome scarves! I really need to start using my loom...

lexa said...

Love the scarves! You do so many things, where do you find the time?!

madonnaearth said...

Hey you! Yeah, you over there in the scarf and t-shirt! Stop making me want to weave stuff! I said I don't want to get into weaving until I have got the spinning down. I know I said this to you once already. lol

Amazing loom work. Love what the yarn works up to. How long would you say it took you to do the warping part? I couldn't bring myself to pay close attention to the schact page. Made me want to have a loom to try it on so I could understand it better.

I, who wasn't even going to try spinning until at least summer of next year, built a spindle and am trying to save some money for a wheel.

I'm only trying to look at tabletop looms from a very, very long way away (try close to semi-retirement years), so seeing your schact looking so good in front of that tv is working on the credit card gene. My credit card gene says it deserves a flip folding tabletop loom. I told my credit card gene, very firmly I must say, that it needs to get a real job and its own room.

P.S. Funny blog on t-shirts and scarves. I don't mind people wearing scarves with t-shirts especially the jewelry-looking scarves, but it bothers me to see people in a minidress, thigh boots and a cropped fur jacket in the winter time. I get cold just looking at them.

karrie said...

Those look beautiful! And way to stash-bust.

Anonymous said...

Good lawd woman, do I dare say I wanna be like you when I grow up! I've been trying hard to avoid the weaving temptation. Please don't post anymore pretty pictures, K? But seriously, GOOD FOR YOU! Looks great, and I can't wait to see more weaving posts.

sarahspins said...

Wow, you certainly seem to be getting along well with the Flip! I need to pull mine out again soon and get working on some holiday projects :)

Anonymous said...

stop, stop, stop, stop, STOP! i JUST bought a spinning wheel for crying out loud!

the scarves are so cool. why? WHY do they have to be so cool?

Unknown said...

You know what's funny. I have a 20 year old Matchless too. And it's the same color as yours. Mine was raised in Michigan and only recently relocated to California. Funny how they turned out quite similar considering the alternative locations.

Lucy said...

Gorgeous scarves! Makes me want to go and get myashford rigid heddle out of the loft. How much of the 'fall foliage' yarn did you have? One skein? Now what have I got in my stash that I could scarf up...?

T... said...

I absolutely love woven scarves. I give myself a holiday treat and buy wool ones on etsy. Maybe you could make some for etsy?

WandaWoman said...

::sigh:: So jealous of you and loom. I think weaving looks lie so much fun. One day I will succumb to the loom love, I can just feel it. Plain and Fancy yarn is great stuff. I buy some every year at our local sheep & wool festival. The Plain & Fancy shop comes to our festival and I always like to get there early to get their yarn before all the good colors are gone. They go quick!

Angie said...

Your scarves look so lovely! Nice yarn choices. Great write-up on the Flip, luckily I have one (just like yours) or I would be cruising for one after reading your post. I need to warp it again! Thanks for the details on the reed, etc.

Anonymous said...

Its beautiful! I wish I could weave too.

Enigma said...

Beautiful scarves! I'm coveting a loom, and your projects are definitely making me yearn more!

Jennie said...

You must stop this insanity. I've already gone from knitting to spinning and sometimes dyeing; weaving would be just too much. Do you hear?

And btw, this is supposed to be a sock pr0n site, not weaving pr0n. No more! I will not look. (ooh, pretttty)

Anonymous said...

I just got a loom as well - and decided against the stand - you're right using it against a table simply does not work, I found, however, that it works great sitting on the floor.

love your scarves.

I think, in scanning through the comments I saw something about dyeing - I spin and had a handful of fluff left over from a recent batch, carded it, and used turmeric (does not need a mordant) - totally cool colour of yellow!

Liz said...

Totally love this!

I got the 20" in November and have yet to make something with it. I think it's "analysis paralysis" syndrome, but after seeing your beautiful scarves, I think i'm going to get it out of its wrapper tomorrow (was even thinking of selling it on Rav) and get started!


jen said...

i am just starting to research RH looms and came across you blog. these scarves are gorgeous!!! items like this are why i want to begin weaving. thanks for posting.

Alice said...

I love your scarves! While I have done some basic weaving on very simple looms, I am looking to do this on a more serious level (although I consider myself to be a beginner) and so I am considering the Harp and the Flip. I know I want a fairly wide weave, hence the Harp, but I am also drawn to the Flip for some inexplicable reason. I like the Harp also because of the built-in warping board. I wish I could afford both, but, I can't. Now that you have woven on the Flip for a while, do you still like it? Are there any major differences in performance? Further observations would be appreciated.

denise renee said...

you don't have to use the arms. i think even with the 25" Flip that just the side wing nuts will hold it fine. the arms sometimes get in the way and yarn can catch on it. if you don't use them, it is also easy to unscrew the wing knobs, pull it off the stand, fold it and go!

you are doing some AWESOME projects!

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