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Monday, October 13, 2008

the trouble with spindles

they seem to make the stash explode :)

rhyme times sampler skeins spun up, each approx 1/2 oz
most spun on spindle, plied on the wheel

I love these. The small amount of fiber means I'm finishing each up pretty quickly and that feels like such an *accomplishment* to me just starting out spindling. I'm plying the singles on my wheel, so it's not like I'm totally ignoring him :) I've even got a project in mind, but we'll see. My mind's been changing about everything, even my own handspun (I've listed a few handspun yarns for sale in my etsy shop, from lace to super bulky)... but it feels good to go in new directions.

I've been taking a spindle instead of my knitting when walking... it's a thrill to walk and spin at the same time :) My favorite skein up there is one where I even spun a few short bits in the passenger seat of a parked car... nuts. Actually I like them all, I have 8 oz of the crazy green/black ("shadow grove") on the far right in my fiber stash already and am thinking of buying more for a larger project-- the idea of a handspun vest is really appealing lately.

No doubt that idea has sprung from a recent hair of mine I've had for a week or so-- going thru all of my old Interweave Knits and Vogue Knitting magazines.

messy corner of my little messy island
clickthru for boring notes

I've bought every issue of IK and VK every since I took up knitting after my son was born (and bought a few back issues via ebay... still looking for IK Fall 2004 if anyone wants to find theirs a new home!) I didn't really buy them with a purpose, the first mag I bought was a Vogue Knitting and the only thing I liked about it was an Adrienne Vitadinni ad. I kept on and keep on buying them since I know what I'm interested in changes-- as I'm closing in on finishing Wisteria (only half a sleeve left to spin/knit now) I'm thinking about knitting another sweater and had no idea where to start. My magazines were right there, so I started going thru each and adding my favorite patterns to my ravelry favorites page-- tagging each with type (cardi, pullover, baby etc.), gauge over 4" (23, 18, etc.) and needle size (truncating down to us8, us10 etc-- rav only has one word tags now). I even added a "handspun" tag for patterns that seemed to lend themselves especially well to spinning for-- mostly vests and shruggy things that wouldn't take a ton of yardage but not be a scarf.

The tagging is not exact, but after adding only 4 years worth of magazine patterns and seeing my favorites page expand from 2 to ten pages, I knew I'd have to be able to sort thru them somehow. I've decided to go thru all (!!) of my knitting books and do the same, and fully expect that my favorites page will soon become unwieldly.

But full of goodness! :) Already found a few that sing to me and I never knew they were there... and bonus! Tucked away inside one magazine was a pattern I forgot I'd picked up at Article Pract *ages* ago...

Devilbot 0110101 by Killer Banshee
bought back when my son liked to write on everything :)

I think I'm going to take some of the armloads of Wool Ease Chunky Tika swapped with me for and make a big one for the boy.

Now to find some more time among the books and spindles... :)


Rebekkah said...

Oh, I absolutely love going through all of my knitting mags, once a year or so. I always find things that I adore, but had either forgotten about, or had for some reason not liked all that much when I first bought the magazine.

Sorry, Fall '04 IK was my first knitting mag, ever. Not parting with it. ;-)

adrienne said...

Your yarn is gorgeous, and you're so prolific! Craziness. I can't wait to see Wisteria when it's all done :)

Anonymous said...

ooooh, those sampler skeins would make a really cool tulip sweater!

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