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Thursday, October 23, 2008

new obsession: weaving on a weave it

I blame Karrie.

I should really, really be working on this...

Asymmetrical Cardigan from Knitting Nature
Vermont Organic Fiber Company O-Wool in saffron

...but this little demon child Karrie sold me at Color Fiber Festival has been taking over the waking minutes around here instead.

vintage Weave-It, 4"

I've admired Karrie's weave it squares and projects for ages now-- but having this in my hot little hands and a huge (really, you don't want to know) bag of sock yarn scraps within easy reach means this...


and this...


The handspun I listed in my etsy shop? Pulled for weaving.


My son's getting in on the act, demanding a blankie for his bear, Bear, out of this ball of mystery yarn.


Even my bead and wire stash is getting into the picture...

woven square pulled into diamond shape and secured at wrist on itself

Reminds me of the wire bracelet I knit a while back (I like that one better, just for the seed pearl details. Weaving with wire again will have me adding pearls and semiprecious stones, no doubt.)

Woven fabric is a totally different animal than knit-- not as soft when worked tightly. I'm still learning, but decided to not double the sock yarn for weaving squares so they're left openish...


...but have much more drape and let the softness of the yarn still peek thru than when doubled. In a far off galaxy I'd plan to make a million of these little less-than-5-yards-of-sock yarn squares and seam them for a blanket (a 4x4 square on the loom is SO MUCH FASTER than a 4x4 square handknit by me)... in this one, I'm content with making them and not really-really having a project in mind yet.

It's not to say there aren't any-- Karrie has a whole host of idea from her "week of weaving" on her blog, eLoomaNation has vintage Weave It booklets in pdf form, Hazel Rose has a bunch, there is a whole book dedicated to projects for small hand looms (Weavies One), and Spin Off even published an article in Winter 2005 with an accessory project-- "loom blooms". And as with everything, there *is* a Ravelry group :)

Me? Aside from the very vague idea of seaming the drapey sock yarn squares into a blanket (and the hotly demanded baby bear blanket), I was driven by circumstance to make a few things myself. My mom recently adopted a shelter kitten (aw...) and I figured handmade is in order for all new arrivals, furry or not.

Single and double dumpling woven cat toys

The one on the left, one square of doubled Lisa Souza Sock! that had a single bell inserted in the center and seamed like a flower dumpling. The one on the right, 2 woven squares of mediumweight Socks That Rock seamed flat with two bells inside. Mom had bought a bunch (and I mean, a BUNCH) of plastic ball cat toys with bells inside, and the little monster (whom she called my brother!!) has already rolled them under immovable dressers and places where mom or kitten can't rescue them. Apparently, these don't get as lost as easily-- although I've already fielded requests for more (and with catnip)... oy.

But how can I say no?


Larson likes 'em.



ccr in MA said...

Great idea! And who could look at that little face and say no?

joan said...

Lovely. I really, really like the sweater and the color of that O wool.

Jessica said...

What a cutie pie! And the weaving looks like a lot of fun.

Kristine said...

I somehow knew that you would love the weave-it. Weaving is also a great way to use handspun cotton.

Anonymous said...

What about doing some in fingering weight felt-able wool, seaming them into a long rectangle and doing some shibori felting and dyeing with them? Is it wrong that my first thought when seeing your squares was that a linen jacket made out of a bunch of little squares would be nice in the summer?

April said...

NOOO NOOO, run away, run away!

I soooo want to get one of those little weavey thinger mahickeys! Liek whoa, I want one.

Almost as much as I want to steal Larson!

I wish I'd never read this post.

lexa said...

What a little sweetie! Doesn't look very old.

Jennifer said...

Oooh, that looks like fun! I may have to buy one myself at the next Color...

undeadgoat said...

I totally had a Weave-It when I was a kid! It's probably still in my parents' basement . . . maybe I'll look for it when I go home for Thanksgiving. I had a really long weaving phase, but it didn't really stick, largely because I took a class where you used a shuttle and never wanted to go back to a stupid needle, but a shuttle lap-loom was apparently outside my budget. Or something.

bockstark.knits said...

oh no!!! you're going to get me started on weaving!!! i heart those squares!

adrienne said...

Oooh, I love the cardigan :) (does that mean you're all done Wisteria?)
I always wanted a weave-it. They look like so much fun!

madonnaearth said...

Ha! They're cute, but you're not sucking me into those. I used to have a potholder weaver that was made with big cotton rings, which destroyed my enthusiasm for it.

Not quite as polished looking as your squares are. I could see you making all kinds of things with yours.

Re undead weaver's comment: "I had a really long weaving phase, but it didn't really stick, largely because I took a class where you used a shuttle and never wanted to go back to a stupid needle, but a shuttle lap-loom was apparently outside my budget. Or something."

I never actually got to work on a real weaving loom, but I wanted one really badly for a really long time after seeing one during a school museum visit.

I am so happy to see decent-looking tabletop ones in my price range. I will probably buy one in a couple of years. I'm trying to get better at knitting and spinning before I start up with a whole new thing. Maybe in a few years.

karrie said...

It was so easy to convert you! And I honestly love being a proprietress of demon child looms :)

I am afraid that your blog post has likely caused a run on the ebay market and it may be months before you find an affordable vintage 2 incher :)

Anonymous said...

The dumplings are so delicious! And the bracelet, and, and....

Matt....... said...

Just throw in a pinch of catnip in the middle of the dumpling with the bell and that kitten will be hours of entertainment!

fluffbuff said...

I never thought much about those weavettes until now. Larson's picture is just making me want to grab one and start weaving.

Anonymous said...

I so want to take a Weave It class with Karrie! I love her coasters.

Larson is adorable! I couldn't say no to him either!

Could you take a series of squares and sew them together for a scarf? Maybe off-set them a bit and place them on an angle? Or crochet them together in a more free-form fashion? I can't believe I am advocating free-form, it is so NOT my nature!

Zonda said...

Neat weaving!! Watch out...what will you weave next ;) I love how Larson is holding it. Like you may take it away.

Unknown said...

Eeek! I have been avoiding loom-land because we all know what will happen. Good luck!

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