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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I suppose if I keep starting new things, the older ones don't get finished :)


is growing slowly, about 1/4 of the way thru the bottom cables-- I can't keep up with combing and spinning as fast as this knits up. Ran out of yarn again, need to comb and spin more :) It just flies-- a really lovely pattern that is pretty forgiving to my first attempt at spinning a sweater for.

Admittedly, it's not just the combing and spinning that has slowed me down from completing the sweater... someone very very dear to me is expecting, and you can just *imagine* I've lost my mind pouring over baby patterns for hours over at ravelry. It's too new to say whose baby it is (and no but thanks, it's not mine! pinky swear ;)), but I am planning on going all out knitting for the little one to be. I started a Trellis in Rowan Calmer I had in the stash...


The Calmer feels really nice as well, baby will be born into warmer weather so I've been on the lookout for cotton blends and the like. (My first ever socks were knit from Calmer! I had an urge to knit socks and didn't have enough of anything else on hand, I wonder how they've held up...)

I'm getting a smaller gauge than the pattern calls for (and I'm knitting the smallest size on US 6's), so it'll be wee :) My family's touchstone for baby clothes is always buying 2 sizes too big, even for newborns... I totally bought into that with my son, and had to make a latenite dash to the wal* the day after he was brought home-- nothing fit! :)

I've been queing baby cardis and sweaters though-- I had a single ball of RYC Rowan Cashcotton 4ply in the stash from last year when I knit my mom those piles of footies from it last holiday season, and tracked down another 2 on ebay (colorway discontinued) for an Heirloom Baby Aran set. The Cashcotton has held up well to lots of machine washing and wear on feet, so it should be okay for a non-knitter to take care of.


The dyelots are off for one, but I think I'll be okay.

I'd love more suggestions for baby sweaters and cardis, though... I can't wait to find out the sex! Til then it's lots and lots of beige and greys I'm pulling from the stash :)

I'm also on a seemingly neverending search for toddler patterns that could use 3 skeins of Colinette Jitterbug... I have three gorgeous skeins in morello mash (red-- color not correct) I picked up from Article Pract a while back and meant to make myself Jeanie with... but this color'd look great on my son and he needs a special sweater for the colder weather, even if he never really wore the other (one) two THREE I made him :)


lexa said...

Wisteria is looking good. I've knit Trellis once before. It's really cute, a nice knit.

Vicki said...

They're such beautiful neutrals though.

I relaly should get back to Trellis. I started it before my son was born and he's 1 now. Sakes, probably won't fit him anyway.

Anonymous said...

that Wisteria is sooooooo pretty! hey, I'm attempting to wheel-spin again this Sunday with Kristine V! watch out, here I come....

undeadgoat said...

Hey, there's always green & yellow for babies of an unknown gender, as well as multicolored . . . My mom put me & my younger brother in a lot of the same clothes, but then she was the mother, and I can see how some people might not like getting the wrong color as a gift.

P.S. I wish someone had knit baby clothes for me & my brother . . . Knitters are just so awesome. I want to be the knitter in somebody's life when I grow up. You know?

Sarah-potterknitter said...

You've already queued the childs placket neck sweater, that's my go-to baby pattern these days. But not quite enough for a very special baby.

Have you seen annypurls patterns? Here's the list:

I want to make all of these sweaters!

Jean said...

I wanted to thank you - Dave (Criminy Jickets) directed me to your comments on his basket weave socks (fab) and I really am liking your suggestion to carry the design over 30 stitches. I'm about 3/4 done with the first sock - hope to complete it by the weekend (I'm a slow knitter working long hours with a 2 hour drive each day). I'm always amazed at the superfast knitters that complete a pair of socks in just a few hours!

Anonymous said...

hah. i know what you mean. starting new projects doesn't get the old ones done... but here we are, starting new projects anyway.



Anonymous said...

Hi! Came across your blog when I was looking through reviews of the up coming movie of knitters,(TFNKC).

So I started reading on.

I love knitting for babies myself and in the back of mind have catalogued what I'd do for my own, when time comes.

I just envy all knitters who come from a place where the weather is cold and knitting is something a bit more common. I hail from super hot Manila. There's only one credible knitting/craft store here. i.e. I envy you all. And good yarn is expensive here. Such that I usually stick to crappy acrylic just so I could knit something.

Anyway, the Wisteria looks interesting. I love cabling! :D

I'll drop by your site more often! :D

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