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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

pre ravelympics stretch

When the first talk about the summer Olympics started around the knitting watercooler, I immediately decided I would participate in the Knitting Olympics, for Team Knitters for Obama. (Didn't finish my last KO project on time, though it was finished...) This time, I'd make a sweater for me out of yarn I'd handspun myself.

Fast forward a month or so and the Yarn Harlot's post about not hosting the "official" Knitting Olympics had me thinking maybe not (particularly the taking part in an Olympics hosted by China). Then Tikabelle's post about forgoing the knitting along to the Olympics was the nail in the coffin for my original plan... even today I wake to the rss newsfeed and read this. So I decided not to knit along to the Olympics this year.

Admittedly though, I was a little bummed-- I really wanted to participate on the Knitters for Obama team, and even though I don't usually do knitalongs well, watching Tour de Fleece posts all over blogland had me really chomping at the idea of a fixed time to complete a difficult fiber related goal. So, as a sort of compromise, I've decided to "compete"-- I'll be participating in the Ravelympics with the Knitters for Obama charity knitting drive during the timespan, knitting washable wool hats for homeless veterans.

verb rolling hat, 64-1 CO (same formula as before)

Knitters for Obama has a continuing goal of donating a hundred washable handknit (and crocheted, and quilted, etc.) items to homeless shelters servicing veterans across the US *per state*. 5000 (!!) items will be needed for them to reach their goal-- they've almost reached 500 (!!!) handknit FOs.

So, I've stocked up on some bulky machine washable (and dryable!) wool...

swish bulky by knitpicks

...should be enough for at least ten (?) hats. Ten hats in 16 days is definitely do-able (famous last words!), so I'll also be spinning the dk-weight yarn I need for the Knitters for Obama prize drawing...


I have pledged the two handspun yarns (super bulky and dk-ish weight) as a prize in the drawing-- since that's being held on August 29, another good fire under my pants to complete this :)

So, come August 8 this'll turn into a hat blog, feel free to knit along (or tune back in after the 24th ;))


Anonymous said...

Fantastic. :) I'm adjusting your clever hat pattern for worsted weight - bulky hurts my wrists. If a regular worsted hat should be 96 stitches, I'd just do 96-1, right? I guess we'll find out.

And if you need more yarn (HAH!), I have a bunch of Wool-Ease Chunky in my bureau.

lexa said...

You'll be making some nice looking hats with those great colors!

Kristine said...

I feel your pain. I *really* wanted to participate in Tour de Fleece. Ah, accomplishing fiber related goals. It hurts so good.

I am very tempted to knit along with you and the Obama knitters on these hats. I have worked really hard to clear my schedule for the month of August so I could spontaneously participate in such activities. Hmmmm...

Heather said...

Dude, don't forget to wash your swatch!! I lurves me some Swish, don't get me wrong, but lawdy, does it grow. Just sayin. ;-)

Leah said...

I love that you are joining our team & that you are knitting for our cause!

Unknown said...

Good luck! It's a good race for a good cause. I loves the colors you picked out too!

Josette said...

good luck in the ravelympics. I'm totally going to be crying by the end of it all but I've signed up to do many, many things!

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