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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Lots of times I have received little extras from businesses I've purchased from, and most of the time I'm quietly appreciative. The past week has had some really sweet swag grace my doorstep and I figured it was alright to share for once (I always worry that it's not.)

A month or so back, I entered the Black Bunny Fibers' contest for their fiber/sock club members and won (!!) with pics of my supercoil merino-mohair handspun yarn. Inside the package with this fantf*ingtastic last fiber club installment (spoiler alert!)...

50/50 baby alpaca-merino by Black Bunny Fibers, "eleanor of aqua-taine" 6 oz

...was my prize:

black bunny fibers tshirt

Totally unexpected but really cool :) Just like my Verb for Keeping Warm / Tactile Fiber Arts tote that I take *everywhere* with me now...


I need to wash it. And convince Kristine to print a tote with the RAD spinning wheel motif... ;)

The real reason I'm posting today is cos my kid insisted in that four year old way. I mentioned a few weeks ago I had "adopted" a sheep from Little Meadows Farm in his name, and ever since receiving his adoption certificate and picture of Rosie addressed to him it has been yakyakyak about the sheep and HIS picture. He even cleared the space of honor on the fridge, smack in the middle and at his eyelevel, which is saying a lot :)


He got the better of me too, and while Rosie will be "his," I adopted Frank for me. Or, you know... his fleece :)

Til then, not soon enough!


Anonymous said...

What a grand little Rosie lamb you've adopted!

Anonymous said...

What a grand little Rosie lamb you've adopted!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous fiber :) I'm in the BBF2 fiber club and can't wait to get my first installment!!!

I think I adopted Rosie's sister hehehe. I called her Sweet Pea (what else :)). I also adopted Freckles, just because I liked her name.

Sherry W said...

Tell the Kiddo that is a most excellent idea. When I get it I will put my sheep (Kira) pic on the fridge at my house as well.

That Alpaca blend roving is just fantastic, isn't it? Have you worked with it yet? I hope she sells more!

lexa said...

Cute little model you've got there! The blues in the fiber are very pretty.

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Oh what a sweet little lamb ... including your son!

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