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Friday, May 30, 2008

etsy friday

two days out and already, is it time yet?

Handwoven basket by
(with naturally dyed Polwarth in "blackberry" by A Verb for Keeping Warm)

The wonderful woman who sold me my Matchless gave me a basket that held the Matchless' bobbins and whorls, and I got used to it sitting next to me full of little spinning oddments. It wasn't quite large enough for everything I wanted in it (fiber), so of course off to etsy where I found cherylnchains' shop and this large "fanny" basket that (as my son likes to remind me) "looks like a butt." No matter, the divides are actually really handy, one side holds my whorls and oil...


...and the other extra bobbins.


Still on top there's room for fiber, this time aVfKW Polwarth I purchased from Article Pract. The woven nature of the basket means there is some catching of loose fibers, but the actual fiber loss is negligible and way outweighed by the handiness of having everything I'll need close at hand.


Cherylnchains has a really unique shop-- in addition to lots of different styles of handwoven baskets, she also is a lapidary and lists handcut and polished stones and pendants. Still after all this time I love etsy, showing me the breadth of art and artists.

Do I feel a segue coming on?

Barack Obama "Change" purse by

Another excellent handmade Obama - etsy find. I haven't carried a wallet in my back pocket since losing the very first purchase I ever made on etsy-- a "Rising Sun" wallet by Quiet Doing. (I think karrie turned me on to this shop?), but this! This hasn't left me since arriving lightening fast.

FancyThatBoutique is another store that donates profits from the sale of Obama gear to the campaign (and makes no other candidate swag)-- putting it at the top of my list above and beyond the coolness of what they make. The change purse is larger than true wallets I usually carry, but still fits in the back pocket of my jeans. It even holds my ipod with room to spare at the top, but I already have a sleeve for that :)


After about a week of use in my pocket, the wallet has some creases-- but nothing that seems to say that it won't hold up past November :)

Here's hoping I do :) Miss you!

ps, Amelia pointed me to the neatest pendant shop, Something Whimsical, the other day-- I haven't worn a necklace out since 'forgetting' mine somewhere, otherwise I'd own one of these BOBs already :) I remembered since my latest Rhyme Times Subscription just arrived, pics next week :)

ps ii, Thanks to a super kind local I'm catching a ride to Spinning at the Retzlaff Winery tomorrow (May 31). I'll be the one face deep in fleeces, see you there!


lexa said...

I love that basket! I always wanted to learn how to weave baskets, but there's nowhere locally to get the supplies. I'll have to check out that shop. :)

Have a nice weekend.

Unknown said...

I just have to say that I always read your posts even though I don't always comment - rest assured, everything is lovely and inspiring 100% of the time.

This time I had to comment because my sunburn-addled brain read that last sentence as, "I'll be the one face deep in feces, see you there!"

So, you know, have yourself a blast. :D

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, love that fiber. Hope to see a write-up on (yesterday's) the winery expedition! And to whet your fiber appetite, look at A Verb's site - an open studio!! Terry

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