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Friday, April 04, 2008

etsy friday

It has been shaping up to be etsy (every other) Friday, hasn't it? :)

Merino/bamboo fiber by -- "vegas"

All about the timing :)

Really though, I saw this listing (and the photo is way better than mine) and was hooked on the way this fiber looked. It's a weird one for me, I'm not a big pink fan but something about the convergence of all of these prim pastels and then black, and knowing the bamboo would give it sheen and also fade it with its white once spun-- I couldn't help it.

A fiber I don't really have a project for-- but, I'm not letting that stop me when I find something I love. I figure if I spin enough inspiring but projectless fiber, I'll use it to make a giant blanket or something. It is really kind of liberating (and dangerous!) to buy fiber without project restrictions now. :)

I do have some sock yarn in mind for this one, though...

Superwash wool by "diadem"

The type of wool isn't listed but is described by Fat Cat Knits as having a "falkland-type" hand-- I don't have any personal reference for that but as a bump it feels soft, definitely soft enough for the sock yarn I plan to spin with it.

I really enjoy the white left in the fiber; when I dye lately I've been leaving white out and forget how nice it sets off the other colors. Can't wait to see how it spins up :)

Even though they aren't meant for it, these two would even look good spun up together...


...playing with plying, maybe.

And further on with my etsy notecard obsession...

Man in bowler riding/choking a sparrow that's wearing a mask (?) notecard by

Weird, right? Sometimes I don't know if I like something, but it becomes more of a "huh." that I can't shake and must have to quiet the questioning. I mean, I like it... I just can't say why :)

Handstamped owl notecard by

Something less troublesome :) When an etsy shop has a reasonable deal on secondary shipping like apunkincardcompany does, I always take time to browse the entire shop to see if there's anything else that catches my eye, especially for things like cards or fiber (things I buy a lot of, repeatedly and won't want to pay initial shipping on again if I can help it). That's a big reason why I switched my own shop's shipping policies to eliminate shipping on more than one item... I do wish etsy were more proactive in letting us tweak shipping costs (I would seriously consider eliminating all shipping fees when a buyer purchased say two items if I could do it at point of sale and not in sending revised invoices... but!) Maybe if Martha scoops etsy up like she does wedding and cooking empires, she'll let me bend her ear :)

Or something else! ;)

Slowly backaing away from my mommycrush on Martha, my etsy pick this week from a seller who has purchased from my shop...

Handknit linen lace hat by
(photo by knitsbyteri, used w permission)

KnitsbyTeri's linen sunhats are AWESOME. Seriously, my head is way too big to ever be in a hat, but if mom was still living in her desert digs they'd be perfect for her and the upcoming warm climates :) What an inspiring use of lace!

Okay, off to well, you know. Have a good one, miss you!


lexa said...

Pretty fibers! The man on the sparrow is different. I like it!

Josette said...

Ah! The owl, the hat, the wool - I'm swooning!

Anonymous said...

Is the sparrow strangled?
Something like Thumbelina.
Just taking off in flight.

kneek said...

I hope you get some sort of kickback from the fatcat, 'cuz I marched right over there to order two batts. Lovely!

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