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Friday, March 21, 2008

etsy friday

Superwash merino (koigu, yall!) overdyed by

I don't really buy yarn anymore.* I'm just going thru a non-yarn phase, but really... Alyson said she had done some overdyeing of koigu and louet sport for TheYoYo shop and I was like, oh that's nice but I wasn't going to buy anything (or even look!) since, well... no yarn thing. Then I saw these when I logged into etsy a few days ago to upload new stitch markers and was like some gunslinger hitting the buy button, I didn't even write a little dorky comment like I usually do when I buy from her shop for fear someone would snake this yarn from me.

Sort of a moody pic I know, but my cam doesn't do purple and this is the royalest royale with cheese purple (not eyesearing like that machine knit one at stitches, but I can hang)... hers is better. Also better is the little swag she sent along...

paper coasters, letterpress with knitting motifs by

Alyson usually sends pretty rad gifties along with stuff you buy from her shop... how do I know? Pretty rad = stitch markers from ;) I'm a big paperedtogether fan myself, so these were a treat.

Further on in etsy letterpress fandom...

"I'm all heart, baby" letterpress flat card from

Oh yes, I am :)

This is just gorgeous though. I tried hard to capture the quality of the paper, and that lovely indenting that letterpress effects on it. The heft makes me almost as happy as the heifer ;)

"A little night sky for you" letterpress and appliqued paper card from

I have to admit I found kseniya's shop when I saw this card... I was going to buy it but it makes no sense or context for me, but Morrissey! Smiths! I may go back and get it and send it along even though it is a bit of a headscratcher. The letterpress quality will no doubt blunt that. :)

There's a debate on the etsy ravelry forum (well, not debate really but you know...) about sellers sending extras, little gifts along with packages. I do as a seller send "gifts" with purchase, nothing choking or bankbreaking-- I'm sure it's as much fun for me as it is for buyers. I don't mind either way as a buyer, it is always a nice surprise but doesn't keep me from returning to a shop if nothing "extra" is included. I often get little extras in my purchases and usually don't share them during etsy fridays, thinking it sort of ruins the surprise... but. Kseniya sent this little letterpress extra along and I couldn't help but try and photograph it...


It's a flat card on that excellent paper, printed on both sides, about letterpress. Also, little blank "calling cards" (business card sized), blank with a beautiful pattern in the corner... already seen some use, and will see some more. Those are my favorite things, the extras I can use and know others will enjoy receiving when I pass them on.

And onto favorite things, my etsy pick of the week from a buyer from my shop who is a seller on etsy...

Moth gift set-- dpn protector, stitch markers and sachet by
(pic by lunastrixae, used with permission)

I use my Lunastrixae/Three Owls Knitting double pointed needle covers/protectors all the time-- but I hadn't seen this gift set before. I like the "theme" of moths-- the set includes the dpn protector and stitch markers, but also moth guard potpourri sachets! :)

As far as the needle protectors go-- I use my Three Owls Knitting dpn protectors when grabbing my knitting on the go and still love them after all this time, not so much to protect me against needles poking thru my bags (has happened!) but to keeps the stitches on my sock needles. I usually have my knitting packed up for transit, or sitting in the car, and *hate* trying to pick up dropped sts in a moving vehicle... Sherry's dpn protectors save me from that fate :)

It's getting dark here, another late etsy friday but, no matter :) See you soon, miss you despite it all.

*I am not only on a non-yarn buying kick, I am on a spring cleaning jag and have listed a BUNCH of sock yarns from my stash at ... including a bag of rowan cork. likely more to come, i may now own 3 raw fleeces and... well, that's a lot of wool to make room for and spring has just sprung! :)


Kristine said...

Great PF reference. I love love love letterpress! And your choices are too beautiful! Um, what's this with 3 new fleeces?!

lexa said...

The letterpress stuff is quite neat. You always find interesting stuff!

Gonna take a look at your destash even though I shouldn't even be looking at anything, either.

Lisa said...

Your blog is one of the reasons I like Friday so much. I just can't wait to see what you choose every week.

Chris said...

Wow, those first two are so lovely!

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