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Friday, March 14, 2008

etsy friday

Spring's creeping up on my brain... I forgot it was etsy Friday :) I didn't want to let this one slide though, look how fun!

2 sets of infant booties, handknit by

So, along with the twinned out Baby Surprise Jackets, I thought a mirror image set of booties would be so cool. I was planning on knitting them myself, then Kathie from Shake Your Booties contacted me about setting up a custom order for stitch markers-- I spied on her shop and begged her to swap with me! :)

This was a custom order, I asked her to make a set of blue with green stripes and green with blue stripes for undoubtedly the cutest twins to grace my family tree ever (til mine, of course! ;))... I think she said the yarn was Dale Baby Ull? It's very soft, and totally appropriate for tiny feeties.


The detailing is fantastic, from the little drawstring thru eyelet holes around the ankle, and the really sweet packaging-- they're being gifted just as is.

It's funny, I never ever thought I'd buy something handknit cos, you know-- we can do it ourselves! Really though, I wanted to knit something like this for the kids but hadn't gotten around to it, and the workmanship is stellar AND they're still handknit (no, I'm not going to try and pass them off as mine!)... so the gift really does keep with the spirit of me trying to foist handknits onto these kids ;) The purchase has definitely opened my eyes to looking more closely at finished handknits on etsy, though I haven't bought another (yet).

And now on to something I buy too much of :) I was on a self-imposed greeting card diet, having a brick of postcards to work thru an inch thick*, but I really, really missed buying cards on etsy. So, my first trip and fall card buying binge started with my favorite card vendor on etsy, Creative Apples...

Robot Notecard set number 2, from

Robot Notecard set number 2, from

Can you blame me?

Didn't think so. :)

Seriously though, April's work is always reliably top notch-- I've bought enough cards to know :) She also always has new stuff and a flickr stream chock full of more she'll do custom orders from, so... yeah. I couldn't help myself!

In the same vein, my etsy pick of the week (highlighting an etsy seller who has purchased from my shop)...

Creamery-- Handknit, Felted Vase by
(photo by bm, used with permission)

Falling in line with the idea that handknits are not inappropriate for knitters to buy, I just love this little vase. It just looks like a perfect little organic cache for special pendants to leave at the bedside, for those tiny things that need as special a place as they are. I'm also pretty jealous of the simple beauty of Black Mustard's presentation and photography, but in a good way.

Black Mustard
has a lot of felted (both wet and needle) items (like this clutch that is too awesome), as well as handspun yarns... I like the idea that I'm too chicken to needlefelt, but could have something awesome (and even custom!) with blackmustard's help.

That's it for now, have a good weekend! Miss you :)

*and now for the political portion of our program, feel free to tune out. Barack Obama's campaign is asking for 100k postcards from women around the country to be delivered to undecided voters in Pennsylvania-- you can read more here, and see mine here.


lexa said...

Love the little booties! They are too cute, as well as those robot notecards. I love felted stuff, the vase is pretty neat. Etsy is just the neatest place. :)

Chris said...

The booties are adorable!! I am fighting my card addiction, but you aren't helping. ;p

Unknown said...

Why did I ever quit knitting booties?!? Etsy Fridays are awesome.

Sherry W said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sherry W said...

I respect your right to have your own views on your blog. However I say I find that Obama drive kind of offensive. Why can't this be about who is the best candidate and not race and gender?

Anonymous said...

such cute robot cards! you should try, then you'd have an excuse for buying more! :)

Anonymous said...

The winking robot is rad! They're all so . . . human-like in their gestures. Innocent and mocking in the same bite.

Anonymous said...

I love creativeapples cupcake notecards. I have some that I use as birthday cards, and I was just amazed at their quality. They are noticeably better-made than anything from the card shop for sure.

blackmustard said...

I can't believe I didn't see this post when it was originally published! Thank you so much for the wonderful compliments and precious publicity! Seeing this has made my day, even if it is 2 nmonths later :)

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