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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

easter wool

I had such a fun time dyeing eggs with my son this weekend that I couldn't help but break out the acid dyes when we were done. (secret: it was partly to override the smell of boiled eggs! i can't stand the smell of boiled eggs...) I picked superwash merino to dye this time since I love how brightly and fast the colors strike, but went for overall darker values even though Spring has arrived :)

IMG_9145 IMG_9149 IMG_9130
IMG_9138 IMG_9115IMG_9112
IMG_9100 IMG_9097 IMG_9104

All available at my etsy shop.

Back with more fiber stuff in a few...

PSA #1. Check your local drugstores for easter egg dyes at 50% off! Nontoxic and safe to use with kids and your standard cookware. Next week my stores go to 75% off... I'm not going nuts like last time. (ha!)

more on my previous easter egg dyeing of yarn here... and a search of this blog and "easter" has some socks knit from easter egg dyed yarn as well. the dye jobs on all have held up well over their lifetimes :)

PSA #2. Bay Area? Article Pract's "yarn tasting" for next month just opened for enrollment-- featuring some yarns from the new book Closely Knit as well as the author (and a free pattern from the book, and discounts, AND good times. :))


Unknown said...

Awww, I wanna go!

Karen said...

Darn you! My order just went in. :)

Rachel said...

Those look great! I'm trying hard not to go scoop up the last two you have left. :)

lexa said...

You'll have everyone staring at you again when you go with 200 boxes of Easter egg dye kits! LOL! They'll think, "Gee, Easter MUST be her favorite holiday!"

a said...

Do you mean that you can use Easter egg dye to dye fiber?

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