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Friday, February 15, 2008

etsy friday

Border Leicester/Mohair by
"nimbus" colorway

Lately I've really wanted to branch out in a fiber way, so when I caught sight of this beauty in Black Bunny Fibers' last update, I totally pounced and am glad I did! It is soft but slick, and has a *shine*, a natural shine that I just love. See?


I don't know quite what to do with it yet, perhaps practice the spinning with softness and speed method I've been wanting to try. I do know I can't be kept away from Carol's shop... she has created a new colorway (Audacity)-- all profits from the sale of the Audacity colorway are going to the Barack Obama campaign. She did it in Corriedale roving and it's listed for sale on her new off-etsy site RIGHT NOW (I got mine!) (edit: sold out, but i'm sure you can contact Carol and ask her to put you on a waiting list if you're interested in the colorway in yarn or roving) ...and will be updating with yarns in the new colorway later. Yarn pics and more details in the Knitters for Obama forum on Ravelry...

And for something that speaks for itself?

Glass "jolly cupid" pendant by

Look again! It's still awesome and more interesting than the local waffles.

Seriously though, LORiOLA has been on a rampage making hearts with bones thru them lately ("if a skull and crossbones is a jolly roger-- then a heart and bones..."), but this was her prototype and I think it is just awesome. I bought it ages ago and hadn't taken it off for pics... wouldn't you know that once I did, my son "borrowed" it and dropped the pendant... broken heart on valentine's ;) Just the literal glass kind anyways.

But, beautiful still!

One more beauty...

Alpaca pencil roving by

So me, right? :) Above and beyond how soft and bright this is, how fun it was that North Star Alpacas includes a blank card and envelope with the picture of the alpaca whose roving this is, and how nice the seller was (she had 2 oz listed and listed more she was saving for herself when I asked)... Maple is a jawdroppingly nice seller after the fact. I mentioned to her I was excited about my new wheel-- she took it to mean I didn't have experience spinning alpaca fiber, so she sent me some undyed roving after she had mailed the fiber I ordered.


Seriously. Look...

2 oz of white alpaca roving from

It's even from the same alpaca that provided the fiber I purchased! Needless to say I was really surprised-- I emailed her and let her know she didn't need to send extra fiber, but she already had and told me to have fun with it!


It'd be better to pass this gift on, I think :) Leave me a comment if you'd like 2 oz of white alpaca fiber from Magnolia the alpaca... I'll randomly draw a name Friday morning.

I've chosen another great etsy seller, knittyhead and friend, too for this etsy pick of the week (where I highlight an item from an etsy seller who has made a purchase in my shop)... zknitter :) Zonda's shop is hard to find if you're browsing the knitting category on etsy... she mainly does custom work, making needle cases for interchangeable needle sets like Knit Picks Options and Denises.

Interchangeable needle case by
photo by zknitter, used w permission

As famous as her cases are (seen on wendyknits and all over!)... Zonda is happy to take custom orders and even has a flickr page full of her fabrics and a long "sold item" list to get inspiration from. Much better than the clunky binders the options come with! :)

Have a good weekend! For those interested, I just listed some handspun superwash sock yarns in my shop along with some wire wrapped paper bead stitch markers... brighter pics on those when the sun peeks thru :)


Janis said...

I just got my first wheel and I'd love to try some alpaca with it. :)

Very envious of the Black Bunny fiber. Those colors are gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

I love your Etsy Fridays. I look forward to them every week.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I have yet to try spinning alpaca, and I'd love to! Thanks for putting my name in the hat. You've got incredible service from this seller, and that makes for the best recommendation! It was such a nice gesture from her; I'm sure she'll get it back one way or the other. I'm bookmarking her shop, that's for sure!

Chris said...

Oh, thanks for the zknitter link - that'll be handy when I get around to buying one of those sets.

That blue/grey/white fiber will make lovely denimy yarn.

Anonymous said...

Yummy fibers, as always. Isn't Zonda's needle case just the best? I adore mine, it holds everything and is beautifully made!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful goodies! I'd sure love to play with that alpaca!

Anonymous said...

Heck yah I'd like to play with some alpaca! All lovely goodies. I really love the "nimbus" colorway.

the Lady said...

I'd love to try out some alpaca! Thanks for the consistent Etsy Fridays, they're always cool to check out.

Alyson said...

Yay, Loriola! I do just love the stuff from that shop - though it breaks my heart too that your pendant is torn asunder. :-(

I may have to give some orange alpaca a shot - it looks and alpaca-y. Mmmm....

I love that very same Z case you posted - I have a piddleloop set in the same fabric, and I've been admiring that case from afar for a while now!

Anonymous said...

These fibers are so cool! I love the black and blue one. I'd love to spin some alpaca too-- I've done a very small amount of spinning, but I'm about to get a wheel and I'd love to play with some new fibers.

Linda D said...

Another member of Maple's fan club! Her alpaca is absolutely heaven to spin.

lexa said...

Gee, your handspun sock yarn didn't last long. Great Etsy Friday as usual!

adrienne said...

Mmmm, such yummy roving. Can't wait till I have time to spin again! (I'm counting the days!)

Zonda said...

Oh that Black Bunny fiber makes me want a wheel! Gorgeous fibers! I bet that alpaca is so soft to spin too.

Thanks for the shout out, hehe..good thing I'm almost done with my current batch o'custom orders.

Anonymous said...

you always find the best stuff on etsy-- i love your fridays. my wallet-- eh, not so much.

i'd love to have a try at spinning that alpaca-- i've heard it needs a lot more twist (is that true?).

shoeboots said...

oooh, I love that alpaca! White is just waiting for dye!

Ibunnysavetroy said...

i would love to try some alpaca, but i don't have a wheel, only a spindle! (but i love it!!!)

Unknown said...

Dang it! I'm not a spinner! Why do you torment me so?!?

I'm going to start rss'ing your posts to the HusBoy, maybe we can get him to start spinning?

Anonymous said...

I'd love to try some alpaca! I just got a Kromski Sonata for Christmas. I'm going to stalk her store for more pretty pencil roving.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous stuff! I love the colors of the alpaca roving, they're citrusy and yummy. I'd love to be entered in the drawing!

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