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Friday, January 18, 2008

etsy friday

I'm a big big fan of finding etsy goods thru word of mouth from my friends-- they're always right on with what they think is cool :) So when I found Jelby thru Jen of piddleloop, I couldn't help but ask for a few custom stitch marker holders... you know how many stitch markers I have around here, eh? :)

I asked for an orange sheep...
felted stitch marker holder from
(pictured with stacked freshwater pearl stitch markers from

...and an amanita mushroom (the mycophile in me still burns)...

felted stitch marker holder from
(pictured with pale cape amethyst stitch markers from

They are SO COOL. Cary even included a tiny felted mushroom stitch marker-- it's awesome! The felted beads are very light and I could see how well these would work as stitch markers-- not heavy like glass, but so unusual and all handmade using a combination of wet and needle felting to capture the effect. VERY high up on my admiration list. Cary is also really great to work with for custom orders-- both the orange sheep and mushroom were special requests, and they are spot on to what I wanted. You can always convo Jelby to make you something special easy peasy, too! :)

Of course, Jen is a trickster and asked Cary to send me some squid love on a stitch holder... and Cary added her own touch on the other side...

(pictured with oval amethyst stitch markers from

...a FELTED SPACE INVADER. Holy crap on a cracker but this had me squealing when I opened my mail this morning!!!! Jen also included some glass mushroom stitch markers-- I'm wearing one as a pendant today :)

So happy!!!

Further on the happy tip...

Blue faced leicester roving from -- Loganberry

I don't know if you know (but judging from the speed at which her updates sell out, probably!) but Krista from Pigeonroof Studios is taking her shop on as her fulltime work-- a big leap of faith that I'm so excited about! There have been updates almost every day, and with the help of her new Schacht she's also updating her handspun yarns every Saturday. This is definitely the best time to add her shop to your rss feed, or get onto her email list for a headsup on her updates :)

One more shop I visited before the holidays...

Card case by

makes lots of things using kitsch, pop, punk, robot, pulp, and traditional images-- including this card case I bought for mom for the holidays. My mom had been carrying her essentials (id, cards, cash, etc.) in an ancient metal Camel case I'd given her back from when I was in undergrad (ages ago ;)) and it was literally held together with a rubberband and a prayer. SweetheartSinner's shop to the rescue-- she has over 70 (!!) pages of card cases and such to choose from, and this Hokusai print was perfect for mom. (Another Hokusai dream print would have my choice, but it can't always be about me ;))

The card case is really quite deep, made for holding cigarettes on each side...


...and the hinges inside are perfect for that, and for holding cards and cash securely.


Another etsy hit for the handmade holidays :)

Ah, I'm running out of time, so more next week!! Have a good one, I will ;)


lexa said...

You always find or get directed to the neatest things!

Have a good weekend. :)

Anonymous said...

you know space invaders, squid power, and mushrooms a la supermario....all make me think of you. awwwww

touchy feely heartfelt. :D

so glad you enjoyed them, please tell me she filled you in on what squid power meant right?

Cary totally rules with her creativity. She sent me a martini and felted olives on crazy is that???!!!

Lindy said...

I very nearly swooned over that card case. That picture is hands down my favorite image, ever! I love your esty Fridays!!

Chris said...

Ok, those stitchmarker holders are BRILLIANT.

Pam the Yarn Goddess said...

I just wanted to tell you that Cary will be selling her stitch markers and holders through my new online shop, "Yarny Goodness". I hope to be open by the end of the month. If you want to see a large selection of her work, stop by! You can find out about the opening through my blog:

Sorry for the shameless self-promotion. :)

Avrienne said...

Thanks for showing us the case! I went through all 45 pages of her cases to find one for myself...I carry a purse sometimes, but when I walk down the street to the grocery I usually just pull out my debit card and my ID. This is perfect!

Emily said...

Cary does do a great job with stitch markers. Hers are currently sitting on my needles. And I LOVE the Space Invaders one!

Lisa said...

Doggone! Those stitch markers are cuter than a bug's ear. I finally put Pigeonroof in my feeds. I vowed not to buy roving or yarn though unless I REALLY need it, so for now I will just drool.

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