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Friday, January 11, 2008

etsy friday

Always good to start with yarn... :)

Alluring sock yarn by
"Clementine" colorway

I haven't added much new yarn to the stash recently, but how pretty is this?! (It's actually prettier, Meghann's etsy photos are better and more true than my cloudy day one.)

Meghann and I swapped and this was hers to me... I think I got the better end of the deal :) I asked her to surprise me with a semisolid yarn in an orange, yellow or grey and this lovely was made for me! I really dig the semisolid yarns lately, and this beautiful bright one makes me think of the sun hiding behind the clouds outside. It may be too pretty for socks-- I haven't lighted on a project, maybe some bright mitts to ward off the cold? I've been getting a lot of use from my knucks (still unembroidered) outside playing with the kid and my new toy at the same time...

ipod touch cozy made by

Of COURSE the moment I had my new ipod I went looking for etsy stuff for it :) I know I can knit my own cozy (and there are a lot of sellers who make and sell handknit ipod covers on etsy), but I am a sucker and fell for the pop loveliness of this vinyl cozy. I wanted something super light to slip into my back pocket, no bulk but something that would help protect against coins and keys and whatever else inevitably ends up in this purseless-girl's pants.


Moving on-- I always check out the whole store of an etsy seller when I find something I like, and I'm often right that they'll have something else that's absolutely necessary. The Lovely Teaspoon has a *bunch* of stuff-- seriously, a shop that consists of lego jewelry, handbags, this tv neckace that i want-want, and a catchall everything else section that had this gem...

"Abandonment" definition flashcard greeting card by

Alicia has taken 5x7 word definition flashcards and mounted them on cardstock as one of a kind greetingcards-- pretty big, and really really cool :) She still has "baggage" and "abuse" cards in stock-- believe me I held myself back from purchasing those :)

And now for something completely different... My friend MaryLou of (the same who supplies me with all of the supercool recycled paper envelopes I use in my packaging for my shop's shipments) does her own spin on etsy fridays. She features etsy sellers who have purchased from her shop, picking out favorite items to share with her blog readers. I think it's a really interesting way to find new shops-- so I'm going to copy her and include an item in my etsy fridays from shops who have purchased from mine :)

First up, actually my most recent sale at this writing...

Peonies Handcarded batt from
photo by theyoyo, used with permission

Notwithstanding the hot jealousy over Alyson's new drumcarder (you can read about her holiday surprise here, too f*ing cute)... her newest shop offerings of batts alongside her handspun yarns actually have inspired me to put her shop's rss feed into my bloglines read. As soon as I pare down my fiber stash (ha!) you can be sure this'll be one of the first places I look for a batt fix.

Alrite! Happy weekend, miss you :)


Chris said...

Sunny yarn, perfect for a cloudy winter's day... The ipod cover is too funny!

Meghann said...

Awwww...thanks for including me! I loved that yarn when I dyed it up:) Love the ipod cozy too!!

lexa said...

I love that clementine yarn! My kinda color as well.

Have a nice weekend!

IrishGirlieKnits said...

Love that yarn! So pretty! It'll be perfect for spring.

Emily said...

I LOVE your Etsy Fridays!

Stacey said...

more great links! thanks!

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