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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

long grey weekend ahead

I was filling out Carol's questionnaire for her Black Bunny Fiber Club (the first club i've ever joined! can't wait...) and she asked about favorite colors in fiber. I looked over my new fiber storage area (took over a few shelves in the utility closet) and realized that a lot of the fiber I choose is dark... or at least brights tempered with blacks and grey. Then I can't help but notice the project in my lap...

Totally Autumn throw by Anne Hanson of knitspot
Knitty Fall 2007
Started: 17 November 2007
Interlacements Merino Worsted (superwash)-- 2 greys
US 9 (5.5mm), 48" Knitpicks Harmony circular
garnet and freshwater pearl knitting stitch markers from

...and my self-styled Imogen Jacket "kit"...

Noro Silver Thaw color 11
(a gift, thank you sis!!)

...and think it'll be a long grey weekend ahead for sure.

I shouldn't even be thinking about starting Imogen yet, but had one of those nites that called out for a little mindless me knitting so swatched and now I can't stop worrying about it. The swatch looks fine and I got gauge on US 8 (14 sts/4", middle sample):


...but I'm just not used to knitting garments. The gauge is on, but how "open" is knitted fabric supposed to look in a garment?


I mean, it looks fine to me when not held up against a window, but I'm just way too used to supertight knitting for socks and small projects that need no drape and this freaks me out. I don't expect to start knitting Imogen til holiday knitting is over, anyway. I do have another project to think about in my immediate future...

Superwash merino and *seacell* spinning fiber to be dyed for my etsy shop

Maybe I'll put some color in my weekend this way :)

Have a good one, miss you!


Anonymous said...

I must say, your gauge on that middle section looks just right to me, even when held up against the window. Knit on!

turtlegirl76 said...

I'm in the fiber club too! Yay!

And that gauge, looks way too open to me. Did you wash your swatch?

Lisa said...

Can you buy that Imogen pattern separately without the kit? I love that sweater but would love to use stash yarn.

Lori said...

I have that problem too with gauge. Last winter I knit a sweater in "proper" gauge for socks - well, it's a really warm sweater... The swatch looks alright to me; try draping it over your arm and see how it looks to you, close up and at a distance in a mirror.
Looking forward to that merino-seacell!

~Tonia~ said...

I am one that doesn't like my knitted garments open, but if it is to be worn over something than I would say that it was fine.

Have a happy Thanksgiving.

Sherry W said...

Yay! You and Turtlegirl and queerjoe and me...I can't wait to see all the spin!

lexa said...

I don't knit a lot of "big" stuff. Mostly socks, felted stuff, baby/kid stuff. And I've only ever knit with Noro Kureyon so far, and that was two felted bags. I'd say if you got gauge then it should be fine.

Have a nice Thanksgiving! No holiday here, we had ours back in October.

Test Rachel said...

That yarn blooms with washing. I vote wash your swatch the way you will wash your sweater and then see how it looks/measures. I can't wait to see the new roving.

HPNY KNITS said...

I love the autumn throw, and its lovely in blue. I have had my eye on that pattern for a while now. your yarn give great stitch definitions.

Stacey said...

Sweater fabric would be more open than socks. I always have to get used to it when I go from knitting socks to garments! It's such a different feeling! That will be one stunning jacket though!

Chris said...

Block your swatch and see - it looks a little too open already and it might be more so after blocking.

Anonymous said...

I just did the same thing with a swatch for a sweater and it looked just the same - BUT - you're not going to have sunlight pour out of your body while you wear the sweater so I bet it'll be fine. ;o)

Like Christy said, I bet when you wash the swatch/sweater, it'll fuzz up and close in some of those holes.

Anonymous said...

Your autumn throw looks MUCH better than the original! Is it the yarn that does it? The texture is great. It looks much more sculptured and I always like that in fabrics.

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